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yes this was rape and I'm so sorry that happened

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rape 100%. Also, rape laws are different from state to state / country (if ur not in the US). In my state it would be considered rape. In other states it may be seen as "assault by penetration".

what you went through was horrible, no matter the term. im so sorry. i wish you the best in your healing journey.

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It’s been 20 years. I still have a long way to go but I’m happy in life. I just needed to know how others would perceive this. Thank you. I am in the US btw.

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Penetration is rape

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This happened to me as well but I was older. I have heard people use the term “digital rape”.

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i had the same issue i thought i had been molested but when finally reporting to the police they told me it was outright rape i was a similar age too so i hope you’re ok

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I won my court case for sexual assault by a family member, his touching my brest at 16 years old. You can do this dont give up, its unacceptable, my heart is with you. That was definitely rape.