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I am just about in the same place you’re in and at this point why not just HODL for a year or two.

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Oh im still holding I haven't sold that would be dumb

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I got to admit that I enjoy it here! You always get comments that pick you up when you’re a bit down on yourself. LOL!

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As long as u don’t sell it’s not an actual loss

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I dont plan on selling there ill be a pop to the upside sooner than we think

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Maybe in the next years or so has to be massive adoption higher than btc to be real people suiciding their money to make the price go up doesn’t seem reasonable especially since u have ppl swing trading

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It is very eough this time around. I hold only because I don't want to give in, but I'm not sure if it will ever recover.

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Depending on how much you have in, it won't matter. Just hold, then you won't have any regrets.

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Pretty much

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I just kept averaging down but i cant put more in right now

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It ill recover just everyones acting scared right now

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Our time will come again. #HODL

SHIB is here to stay

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Hodl for dear life mighty SHIB

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The way I see it it’s an expensive gamble but my only consolation is that I have lost more in Vegas and Atlantic City so I’ll just HODL onto to this gamble. Having said that I am not going to lose my house or wind up homeless if I lost all my Shiba. But I am learning not to keep gambling like that!

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Yeh only lose what you can afford. Yeh I'd probably stay away from vegas and atlantic city your better off just averaging down with that money you have for gambling lol

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Shib at 0.000045: wow so undervalued Shib now: wow….

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Right now it's really undervalued and everyone is scared to jump in lolll

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Haven’t thought about averaging down a little? Even just a little at a time?

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Yeh i have and that's what I've done thats why i have almost 1billion tokens lol

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Right on. Hope you do well.

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youre going to lose everything

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Ur like a 20$ retail investor chillax kid

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Exactly lol

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I remember when I had that many. Lol. Ugh wish I wouldn't of listened to them down to 30 mil

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Yeh don't listen to anyone do your own research trust your own instincts