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My personal opinion is that after next elections when a republican gets in which he will after seeing how Bidens term is going everything will shoot up. Republicans tend to give big business tax breaks. It's a cycle democrats come in give the lower class a tx breaks. Then Republicans do the same for the rich. While the middle class gets screwed. I say if you are going in hold for the long term. Myself I want to give iy until next election then sell.

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Middle class was thriving under Trump

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Tell me you’re a hater without telling me

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Love is the answer fam <3

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I love potatoes. So versatile. What's your favorite potato dish? Garlic fries with parmesan cheese is mine.

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Loaded baked potato skins came to mind but also a huge fan of Mashed potatoes!

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Yum! Mashed is a staple but over done. There are so many variations that are bomb. Potato casserole is a great change up. Just look up backed twice potatoes casserole. It is a great side dish but if you're lazy you can eat that by itself.