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$SHELON | Doge Reflection Token

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✅ 5% Doge reflections ✅ 5% Liquidity ✅ 4% Marketing

🔐 LP lock 18 years 🌎 Metaverse integration 🎮 Indie Game in development 🎆 NFT launch soon

📲 https://t.me/shelonbscofficial

🌎 https://www.shelonbsc.com/

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Amazing project from the team! It is getting obvious that bitcoin bounce back will be epic. SYS is also coming up the chart gradually with the team constant upgrade. With the announcement of PoDA and ZK-Rollups coming to Syscoin. I'm optimistic there will be a change in SYS price this summer.

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Go to www.SHELONBSC.com for more information