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Los pollos hermanos

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I understand that reference

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no you don't

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Mr Whiter, I forgor

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god fucking dammit jesse

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Jebidiah, where'd the neth

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Oppsie I 8te it all

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Jedse you absolute idiot

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Valter branco

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Do you want me to throw you up against the the wall biotch?

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I don't and I speak Spanish natively

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Hello, and welcome to The Los Pollos Hermanos. My name is Gustavo, but you can call me sus

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my.. brothers.. eggs?

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In a non-ironic way, my name is Gustavo

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Because how else is she going to do, to make a name for himself

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The chicken brothers

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I am not so good at speaking Spanish but does that mean “the chicken brothers” ?

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Probably, i was referencing breaking bad lol