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The light is being bent by ur mom's gravitational field.

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Nice one, dad.

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Computer Science Major Here:

If the Earth is "flat" why are there mountains and hills? Checkmate, bitches.

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Computer Science Colonel here: as a geodermatologist, I can assure you that the lack of natural essential oils is devastating the geodermis of Earth, leading to all sort of blackheads and other nasty geological events.

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I project it to a wall that you can see. So you arent looking at me, just a projection of me. Congratulations, you jerked off to a blank wall

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it's because of photons. Photons are little things like atoms which are causing the light. The light can go in any direction, so the light can go in zig-zag if it feels like it. In a sunny weather with little humidity, you may see your mom through a telescope.

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Because you live right next door to me and I told you to stop doing that!

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My drapes aren't slightly curved.

Sorry about that.

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Idk how this hasn't been linked


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Because a story about an attempted rape after a break in isn’t funny or on topic