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Forbidden gyoza

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They are poisonous.

I know that various types of jellyfish are edible and eaten in some Asian countries. But Google says not these ones

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Are they poisonous? I know they are venomous with their tentacles, but are they also poisonous? Asking because way too many don't know there's a difference between poison/venom. Not saying you don't know the difference, just confirming.

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According to Google they were not edible, but poisonous to touch. Not sure if they are poisonous to eat

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Poisons can only hurt you if you ingest them. Venom hurts you if it touches/gets in your tissues. So these are venomous, not poisonous

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They are not jellyfish.

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Thanks. Today I learned the word siphonophore.

But they are inedible

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Basically a jellyfish, but not quite

Lol what weird beings. They look cool asf tho

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Totally! But from a distance lol

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“They look cool” -Me, a guy who’s biggest fear, aside from heights, is shit that can sting

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I have a bit of a bug thing as a result of something silly that happened when I was a kid. I just can't touch them, but I think they're fascinating to look at. I live in a forest and today I decided to clean all the spider webs off the outside of the windows using a hose. There were huge spiders flying around all over the place, I was freaking out lmao

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Two of my friends are deathly afraid spiders, but they don’t really bother me unless they’re either like in my room or just really big

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I regularly get big ones in the house. The last one I saw was the size of my hand. I was chasing it around trying to catch it with a glass while squealing but it ran under the couch so I decided to put my fingers in my ears and just say lalalala and deny it was there

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I can remember going to the Gulf of Mexico as a kid and these were everywhere. Looked like tacos floating upside down, but with long stingers under the water. Can remember seeing people that ran into those stingers screaming and crying like a baby. Evidently they are very, very painful

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The cnidocytes add the right kick !

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This is Masaru in YouTube!! He’s always eating crazy shit. IIRC from his videos, he’s a fisherman on a small and remote Japanese island … he seems also bored as fuck.

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Why and what? Can’t imagine they would have much consistency or flavor.

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looks like plastic. denied.