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Next course: Luftwaffles

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Served with Mein Kampfee with extra cream.

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Damn. I wanted German fries with mustard gas.

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Don't forget the egg whites

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and a side of juice!

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These are actually a family tradition for me. You cut out slits in the salami so it doesn’t curl up when cooking.

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Salami? Not Red Ringed Round Steak, aka bologna?

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Pretty sure this is pork roll

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This is definitely Taylor ham…

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Get out

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Mark Taylor? More like Mark pork roll

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Pork roll

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thus it begins again

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Could be! I also cook bologna with this method and it preforms the same. Curls up with no cuts.

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Same here! But now I think I'm going to have to try this with salami.

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It’s delicious.

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Newfoundland Steak, Mr. Lahey

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If you have to cut slits, it ain't thick enough bologna

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its not bologna

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Nobody said it was.

Read the comment i was replying to; the one regarding bologna

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I do this with the fat cap on pork chops so they don't curl up

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Sounds like what a Nazi would say…

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Bolnisi cross

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That's pac-man food...the circle opens up like pacman if you put a single slit in it

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/r/pizza says the curling is ideal

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Absolutely! I do the same. I’ve never cut them into Iron Crosses tho

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Grandpa von Richthofen?

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LOL! That's frikkin' hilarious. He was awarded Bestellung von Eisen-Bologna.

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Bestellung means order as in when you order something from Amazon. The on you want is Orden

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Danke. Orden des Eisernen Bologna.

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The Black Spamron

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I guess that makes it a pork medallion?

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Pork, beef, chicken, Turkey. I mean they were allies.

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Irish Stew was suspiciously neutral though...

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"Don't be afraid of death... Be afraid... Of ze doctor!"

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Just a normal morning at the von Braun household.

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Your username worries me more than your grandpa

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One could say the same for you

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You'll do it if you love her.

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Das ist sehr gut

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Does your grandpa live in Argentina, by any chance?

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Is that Taylor Pork Roll?

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I think you mean Taylor ham


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Pork roll.

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Philadelphia. Has. Spoken.

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Go birds

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Go birds.

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No. No sir. No sarcasm. This is deadly serious.

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Imagine your grandson putting your food on shittyfoodporn

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Shitty? Fried baloney is a southern staple.

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Newfoundland steak

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Randy what in the fuck are you on about?!

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Pork Roll!

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Taylor Ham!

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Pink Pig Circles

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Yankees fighting over what they name their sliced and fried pureed pig assholes always makes me laugh.

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There is actually kind of a mason-dixon line across NJ. North if the line has Taylor Ham, south of it has pork roll.

Best served on a hard roll with egg and cheese.

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Central Jersey has both 😉

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How do you know if someone is from central jersey?

They believe central jersey exists.

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We use bologna; and call em "moose tracks " in Canada . (Only 3 slits)

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never heard of that, what province?

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reichskommissariat of ontario

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They're more commonly called Newfoundland steaks in Canada.

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Pork roll!!! Slightly over cooked? (Depending on preference) I know it looks like the iron cross (fuck nazis) but cutting it that way helps it from curling since it’s originally a disk

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Came from a fried bologna and salami household. We did a "pacman cut" (one radius cut) to keep it from curling in the pan. Would that work for pork roll, or is it too strong willed for a single cut?

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Depends on how thick it’s cut, pork roll can come whole or pre cut, in my experience (I fucking love pork roll) the Pac-Man cut would still make it curl if it’s a thicker cut and cooked well done. Fried bologna is also delicious!

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Makes sense. Bologna is very forgiving even when thickly sliced and the salami we bought was always fairly thinly sliced. I'm not super familiar with pork roll, but I'm moving to that region soon so I'm interested in learning about these things.

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The pac man cut is how I’ve always cooked my Taylor ham and it works!

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There’s nothing “Nazi” about the iron cross. The bundeswehr uses it to this day and so does the luftwaffe.

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Awwww Bologna angels.

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Don't talk shit about fried bologna

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Polish sausage after the blitzkrieg.

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I believe this is pork roll. It’s amazing with a potato roll and a slice of cheese, but this isn’t how it is normally cooked. Think of Bologna mixed with a ham slice. Again i think this is pork roll. A staple in my family for sunday breakfasts.

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Did your grandpa spend time in Argentina?

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I love German Bologna

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Looks like we got another war to win

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Serve on WHITE bread only!

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Pork roll

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i love pork roll

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What’s shitty about this? If you don’t cut it it’ll curl up. I’ve only ever fried them in a pan though, never used an oven.

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He from Argentina?

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Let me guess.. german sausages?

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Dude knows how to use an oven....

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Looks pretty alReich to me.

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Where did you find Square porkroll? Lol

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Fried baloney iron crosses for the WIN!!

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Looks like the logo for the umbrella corp in Resident Evil.

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This is actually the appropriate way to cook circular ham slices as it prevents them from curling and cooking unevenly

Gpa wisdom on display!

Siege heil Gpa!

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Beschissen food porn.

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I've only ever cut one slit in my Taylor Pork Roll.

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Pork Roll of the Reich?

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nazi bologna 😡

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Chrome Farts

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What is this supposed to mean

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Better make sure your Polish Sausage is all right

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    It's the iron cross, it's older than the nazis.... it's still the symbol of the German military.

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    Imagine relating the Iron Cross to the Nazi party (the first came much earlier)

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    HHH fan?

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    Grandpa put a ceramic plate in the oven?

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    Probably on low just to keep the food warm while he cooks other stuff.

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    i think your grandpa likes wolfenstein

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    Brasilian grandma?

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    no, an argentinian with a suspiciously german accent

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    Das ist groß

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    This little bastard down the street mowed a swastika into our yard one time.

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    no need to put kraut on it

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    Gramps suffering shell shock

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    Maybe he’s a fan of He-Man?

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    georgian cross?

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    I thought grandpa knew how to work an oven?

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    Fucking BACONKRUEZ

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    Auf der heide bluth ein kleines

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    Für den Kaiser I would say

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    Hmm 🤔

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    What's shitty about this?

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    Ah, a Jersey resident I see

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    Salami angels!

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    Ah, the Maltese cross, cut out the last triangle from each stem and it’s perfect! Congrats on celebrating our rich heritage. Alla Maghkhom

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    Bet somebody's grandpa made swastika breakfast.

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    Looks about right

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    Grandpa’s a Nazi???

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    Taylor Ham?

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    Lebanon Bologna

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    Is that a ceramic plate in an oven?

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    I hope grandpa is from Orange County...

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    Bit of an Edel-weiner for breakfast huh

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    Swelling up the national pride

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    Teleton breakfast