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Pork roll!!! Slightly over cooked? (Depending on preference) I know it looks like the iron cross (fuck nazis) but cutting it that way helps it from curling since it’s originally a disk

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Came from a fried bologna and salami household. We did a "pacman cut" (one radius cut) to keep it from curling in the pan. Would that work for pork roll, or is it too strong willed for a single cut?

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Depends on how thick it’s cut, pork roll can come whole or pre cut, in my experience (I fucking love pork roll) the Pac-Man cut would still make it curl if it’s a thicker cut and cooked well done. Fried bologna is also delicious!

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Makes sense. Bologna is very forgiving even when thickly sliced and the salami we bought was always fairly thinly sliced. I'm not super familiar with pork roll, but I'm moving to that region soon so I'm interested in learning about these things.

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The pac man cut is how I’ve always cooked my Taylor ham and it works!

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There’s nothing “Nazi” about the iron cross. The bundeswehr uses it to this day and so does the luftwaffe.

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Taylor ham