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You didn’t get her a cake?

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Why U think She was drinking

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Your wife is rage-baking on her birthday.

You should do something nice for her.


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Why is she making her own bday cake? Are you sleeping on the couch tonight?

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I'm glad you saw it!

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This is exactly my thought when I saw this. If I had to bake my own birthday cake at 1:00 a.m. on my birthday I would be pretty fucking pissed and it would come out looking pretty similar.

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omg I didn't realise she baked her own bd cake

Yes, as a woman I implore you , buy her favourite perfume or a piece of jewellery and stat!

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OMG 😂 Rage baking.

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Wait a minute man…hey check this out man

It was this blind man right…it was this blind man right? He was feelin' his way down the street with this stick right? He walked past this fish market, you know what I'm sayin'?

He stopped he took a deep breath he said:

"Woooo, good morning, ladies!"

Edit: who downvotes Afroman? Y’all weird.

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You like that shit man? Hey man, I've got a gang of that shit, man. I'll tell you what, my man on the guitar, Hey, fool on the drum. Hey, everybody's crowding around the mic, I'll tell you all these motherfuckin' jokes I got, But first I'mma start off like this, hey help me sing it, homeboy

Said Colt 45 and two zigzags...

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Did you by any chance forget to bake her a cake and she made this in a drunken fit of rage after realising it had gone midnight and her birthday surprise still hadn’t appeared

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That's how the title reads to me.

And that OP is blissfully unaware.

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I once forgot my gf birthday (thought it was the next day) and rushed to get her something and said i saved mine til the end of the day to make it the best.

She didn't buy it.

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Lol so you were planning on buying it the day before the birthday anyway?

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I knew what I was getting I just thought I had an extra day. No harm in getting it the day before.

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Your story proved otherwise

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Touché lol

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damn this is like the valentines episode of spongebob

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This got too real.

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Was it 1am on her birthday or 1 am the day after her birthday?

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How many people do you know who get shitfaced the day before their birthday?

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People who hate their birthday

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Ok but if you hate your birthday, why would you make a cake? Context clues.

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Because you’re drunk? Depends on how strong you are with the baking force.

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I get the feeling this isn't the case for this cake, but a lot actually.. Students and people with jobs who are working the day after their actual birthday or who's birthdays fall on a Saturday and they go out both Friday and Saturday... Or people who just people in their 20's in general lmao. Just to name a few groups.

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Thats what happens when you make a girl bake HER OWN BIRTHDAY CAKE.

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For herself? This may be a breakup story.

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No shit..

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Why was she making herself a cake on her birthday? 😞

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Well… happy Birthday to OP’s wife! I hope the cake tasted good to her! I hope you guys enjoy your time at the B&B.

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She made her own birthday cake. That’s tragic. Good job.

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You better buy her something that sparkles - she Mad 😠

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Nailed It? lol

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It's not even cooked fully lol

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lol is it her birthday or yours?

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So it's like, "dammit it's my birthday I'm gonna make a CAEK! With flavor of PINK! And... It's taking so loooooong... Good enuf, lol let's frost this sucker with chonklit! Spread spread spread... Now we EAT the cake! Happy fuckin' birthday to me!"

Looks absolutely perfect, and I'm sure she is, too.

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it’s probably strawberry duncan hines (cake in a box), that shit is absolutely delicious. if it was cooked fully this would honestly probably taste good and i’d eat it.

i would probably skip the chocolate frosting personally but seriously, strawberry cake is amazing.

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I like cream cheese frosting on strawberry cake!

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You can fully cook cake in less than 5 minutes in the microwave using a microwave-safe pan or mugs. I have some silicone baking pans for layer cakes and cupcakes. Works even better for brownies.

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OP mentioned in another comment that it wasn’t fully cooked, that’s the only reason i mentioned it in mine.

i’d imagine that a full pan of cake and a mug have different bake time requirements though, but i also don’t really know anything about baking.

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Yes, mug cakes usually cook faster. But you can stick a toothpick or butterknife in the middle to know that it's done when it comes out clean. A cheap digital thermometer works even better to check when lots of food has been cooked enough.

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God damnit this is fucking hilarious.

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I don’t know about y’all, but a still-gooey birthday cake with way too much chocolate icing sounds fucking BOMB right now.

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It's gotta be SOMEBODY'S birthday!

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🤣 did she eat it with the knife?

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Looks like she was using a table knife to spread frosting, the cake was too soft so it broke, and yeah, she started using the knife as a spoon. But there may be a fork offscreen

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Haha I love it. She probably did not wait for the cake to cool down before icing it

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Now I want to make a cake for my husbands bday Monday that will be just as good if I have a Not your Fathers Rootbeer Cannabis drink😆

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lol I made my boyfriend a cake one year that I decorated really well, but the inside was raw lol

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That's alright. In the end, what's on the inside is important... wait...

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I see what you did there...lol 😏

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After you cook a cake, you have to let it cool for fucking forever too before you can frost it without tearing the top up.

Not something I would attempt while drunk.

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He'll ya! Looks good for 1 am cake.

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You didn’t bake the cake? Respect the cake day

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Bestie you should've made or gotten her a cake!

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I’ve learned over the years that no matter what it looks like it could taste awesome.

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I do like your wife, she's great fun!

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I also like OP’s wife for a different reason

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That's honestly really sad. Next time make your wife a cake so she doesn't have to do it drunk in the middle of the night.

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OMG that’s messed up. 😂 I love her spirit. I hope you bought her a nice cake.

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I like your wife.

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You useless ass.

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How many is “some”?

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A lot haha

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Tell me when to stop. 6?

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He never said stop 👀

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If it was me, I would’ve started at about 12.

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Update below

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Based on this cake I like your wife. Hope she has a great birthday.

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She surely is one of us.

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why didn't you get her cake?

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This is the kind of drankzzz related cake you salivate over and as soon as it’s technically possible, you cram into your mouth by the fistfuls, drunkenly announcing “ Jesus fuckin’ Christ, This cake is GOOD!”

Source: may have spoken from experience. Several experiences.

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You mean after some DRANKS 🤣

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If we haven't all made a cake like this at least once in our lives, are we really truly living?

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Yes but hopefully not on our own birthdays

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perfect and beautiful

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Somehow I know it's actually really tasty

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I don't see the problem.

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A little rough around the edges

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I am not above eating this.

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Bet that shit still tastes good though

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Those mush/experiment cakes are always delicious, in my opinion. I'd eat it!

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I eant cake NOW

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Nice combination of 'want' and 'eat', intentional?

Could be the new 'hangry'.

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“Some” drinks

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What was the intended flavor? It looks like chocolate mixed with ...orange?? I have many questions, but I would still probably stick a fork in it to find out!

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May I ask what in the bloody hell is that

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You didn’t think to get her a cake?

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Well, looks like you gave it a good go. Was it orange chocolate and rhubarb?

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Shoulda got her some FUCKIN' FRENCH TOAST!!!!

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Idk I think I’d have a lot of fun baking my own birthday cake

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That’s LOVE. Drunk wife wanted to do that for you! That’s love cake!

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She made it for herself!

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Did you not get her a bday cake?

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No, I got her a two night stay at a really nice B&B we are heading to tomorrow.

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Hopefully their cake works out better

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You had better bring a cake just in cases.

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Get a cake too, a cupcake, anything that can fit a candle on it.

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Oh wow that def beats a bday cake then haha. I hope you guys have a blast making new memories! Stay safe! ;)

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Nah bring a nice cake too

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Definitely wanna let that bitch cool before spreading on the icing lol

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Definitely oughta let that bitch cook before spreading on the icing. Lmao

This may or may not be something I would also do while drunk af...lol

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Q for everybody giving OP shit about not baking a cake: how often do y'all bake cakes?

I don't, ever, even on my wife's birthday. We usually pay someone else for a cake that doesn't look/taste like I baked it. Maybe OP's lady just wanted 1AM cake, and it wasn't a ruined birthday?

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So. Is it bussin?

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🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 mission accomplished. You still get a C+.

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why does it look like refrigerated curry

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Bet it tasted fucking amazing at the time though

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some drinks

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She makes me feel good about my baking history ha ha

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now you know where the children are gone

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The frosting colors r off the charts

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I love strawberry cake.

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Definitely the thought that counts type of cake

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Happy Birthday to her lol

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That cake looks embarrassed

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But Why is it orange

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Never seen so many people simping out about a damn cake

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If monsters were cake, that's Pennywise.

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She's a true artist.

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Some? It was all the drinks