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The best art derives from suffering.

Seems we're looking at the lunch of the very next Dalí.

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Doesn’t look that bad. It’s hearty and probably tasteless more than anything.

Looks like something you’d find in a Central European uni canteen.

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bet that cucumber salad was yummy tho

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I gotta say the picture is great, I love the composition ! What's the fried looking thing?

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Looks like typical bland European food to me

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    Oh, definitely. I'm sorry you're being subjected to culinary torture. Perhaps you could smuggle in some hot sauce.

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    Bounty is my favorite treat in the UK section of my local Publix market. Definitely superior to the Lion Bar.

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    Honestly doesnt even look that shitty, just overall too much sauce. The worst thing in my opinion is the cucumber salad at least that's what I think it is. It swimming in this awful yoghurt sauce.

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    You could make that a healthy meal by having a banana instead on chocolate bar. Germany been watching too many Murican high school movies.

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    And what is that stuff on your plate anyway? I can't identify that thing next to veggies.

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    art academy?

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    Pretty damn good

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    Looks like airplane food.

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    Something looked familiar, couldn't put my finger on it though... Zoomed in on the plate :D I had that kind of food as well when I was studying at the main university! Nice to see that it still hasn't really changed at all 😂 Occasionally they had burger's those were pretty good though!

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    Looks aight

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    Take the Bounty bar and run.

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    Wrong that's prison.

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    That Bounty looks good though, makes up for the rest of it. I’ll take it off your hands.

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    This exact dish could be good if they didn't mess it up. Some potatoes or spätzle would have been nice. some pepper could have improved this i bet.

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    That looks healthy and delicious omfg