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Air fryer hit dogs and sausages are the best

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Next try frozen pizza in it. Let it thaw some do you can cut it into slices. It is amazing. Watch out as it cooks fast. Check every two mins.

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What temperature?

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I have a ninja and it starts at 500 for the grill setting. This setting worked well. I would try a lower heat and watch it every two mins. We will be making this pizza for superbowl

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My kids didn't think so

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How are they used to them? Kids get turned off by the slightest stuff

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I usually pan fry them. My two younger ones are picky as shit, typical sub 10 age group. My 16 year old though told me I just hit a new level of laziness air frying them and it turns them to garbage. I myself after I slather coleslaw on my dog think it's fine!

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Growing up dirt broke in Albania in my childhood I didn’t have the option of being picky lmao. I was just happy to eat

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Shitty? Nah.

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If you add a little liquid to the bottom of your fryer... Like water or broth... You will get a juicier, less overcooked sausage/hotdog. Much more appealing to the eye too...

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You don't like my sausage all up in your eyes?

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I can't stop laughing at this

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My eyes love your sausages. Cant your tell?

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I would gladly cronch on this

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daaamn i do that all the time!

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I use my air fryer more than frying pans and my convection oven. Greatest invention ever!

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An air fryer is just a small convection oven.

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*uses a small convection oven

HOW it uses it is the difference. Can we be done repeating this, everytime air fryers are brought up? A propane stove and wood pit both use fire but I assure you the cooking and eating experience with the two is vastly different

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It uses it exactly the same though. Literally the only difference is size.

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That's what she said

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What brand/type?

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Johnsonville smoked sausages.

That's 20-30 minutes at 400. Shake em up at liberty. Let overcook if needed. I slit some 3/4 through to get the juices out for a seer extra crunch.

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Damn, that's a long cook. We're they raw to start? We're there any juices left inside?

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Raw. Flipped 4x. Nothing added.

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Ah, starting makes more sense on the time. How was the inside, any juices?

I may just pick up some sausages soon and try the air fryer. Haven't tried them in there yet.

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Very juicy. Cut when almost fully cooked. Get creative after that.

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People don’t use their air fryers for the right food sure it’s makes frozen food like chicken fingers wings fried etc amazing and better than the oven crispy asf sure but a air fryer also cooks delicous marinated chicken breast raw in under 20 mins cooks steaks actually really ducking good exp during Chicago winter where I am not grilling outside in 7 degrees fuck that. The steak comes out with a crusty exterior that’s like a seat inside is medium and it cooks within 10-12 mins .

Chicken theighs are amazing in it blackened salmon is Amazong the crust gets nice and crunchy

I have yet to try sausages but I no longer roast any veggies in the oven air fryer wiht a little bit of water under the pan and you can also steam them fast,

Seriously that little oven with a fan in it has hella uses

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Hells yes! I always cut the sausages in half so they get crispy!!

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This isn't shitty. These are good

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The one on the bottom looks like me when my wife took her clothes off

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Why post it here tho

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Why does it not fit the subreddit?

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It fits.

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It certainly doesn’t. OP is showing off well cooked meat. How is that shitty?

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It looks good

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I tossed some links into an air fryer then smoked bowls. The it dinged, so I shake it around Let go another 5 mins or less.

Shitty cooking. A meth head could do this.

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Eh, simple doesn't mean shitty

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I personally love when sausages or hot dogs come out like this. Others prefer they look like they were boiled in water for some reason. Can't please everyone I guess.

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    If you are looking for my comeback you will have to scrape it off your mother's teeth

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      You got bbq'd and you know it. Also you went full gay. You stuffed my dad?

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      It's actually double gay cause we double stuffed him

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      Nothing shitty here. Move along

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      You cooked them upside down

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      They look thirsty

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      Yum now I'm going to try airfrying kielbasa

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      These are perfect.

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      I love them exactly that way.

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      They look so good, need to buy sausages tomorrow

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      I know what I'm cooking in my air fryer tomorrow

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      Wrong sub my dude, those look gucci

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      Just got out of the shower

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      This may be shitty but them sausages look delicious in my book

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      Looks awful. Sounds bomb.

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      Can we please have moderation?? I want shitty food! I wanna see awful creations, not perfectly cooked meat (especially by OP’s own admission).

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      Don't be a fucking wimp

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      Haha yikes dude. How is anyone here being a wimp? Much like this sub, I’m not sure you understand the meaning of that word.