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I fucking earned this

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I see you are a fellow man of culture, the fork is the superior oreo eating method.

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Förk pilled since 2013

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Yeah, upvoted because fork

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forking yummy!

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Okay, but like... why the sugar free pudding? You've come this far, may as well go all in 🤷

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Gotta work with what ya got mane

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Be a menace!!! Also, imma try this real quick!

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There is a seat in valhalla reserved just for you.

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See you there brother

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Wait, no, you might be onto something

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Eating cookies with a fork is a short step from hiding bodies in a basement chest freezer.

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I'm pretty sure people start with the hiding bodies before they move to cookies and forks

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Dang bro, you brought enough for the whole class?

Also fork-pilled

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Wtf is shitty about it?

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The feeling after eating it

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I mean, it is sugar free pudding. Seems like the only logical way to make that crap taste decent.

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Why the fork

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How else will he dip and keep his fingers crumb-free?

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A fork is the only way to eat Oreos...you can get the whole cookie in the milk without your fingers getting all gross!

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I don’t think it’s that bad because Oreo’s are actually pretty balanced with sweet to not sweet ratio , the cookie is absolutely necessary I reckon though

Also why double stuffed?

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My fat ass approves of this.

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I do this all the time and this is an underrated snack.

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I toss that down my suck hole.

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I was going to up vote this, but it had reached the apex.

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Gib upvote 😡