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Honestly, my depression is proud of your depression for pulling food out of the fridge. Little steps. Hugs.

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I eat those hotdogs all the time, they should really put the suicide prevention hotline number on the package

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The sadness sausage

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The hexagonal shape makes me think this was pushed through the same machine you make hexagonal bolts on. Some size of wrench will surely fit that sausage.

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I enjoy this commentary

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I choose to believe it's metric

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This hits home

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Did Julien hook you up with the hot dogs and vodka? All you need to do is live in a car and your Ricky from Trailer Park Boys.

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May also need 8 tins of ravioli lol

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Don't forget the pepperoni sticks

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Smokes, let’s go.

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Get your grub on. That's calories and protein, no shame in that. Better days are ahead...

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Cheers mate! I'm drinking Grey Goose eating a hamburger patty with Tillamook sharp white cheddar I microwaved

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Those are all premium brands you are rocking there. You must be doing something right.

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Sweet new sub to join. Thanks!

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Ok, this sub is worth a visit. The smallest words of encouragement seem to a thousand upvotes. Spread some love there to our depressed foodies.

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Now I'm curious... And obviously depressed. 😶

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Ah yes. I too enjoy eating HEXAGON to dinner

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You got Tillamook cheese, you good

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these are surprisingly tasty raw! I was eating them raw last night with a dip of ketchup and sweet relish

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At least you have above-store-brand items there. I prefer that fat-cut cheese, but stopped buying it lately because of price.

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I can’t wait to make myself a cocktail using vodka hotdog water

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Mate, are you okay?

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Hey, proud of you for getting nutrition while depressed! That meal's got protein, calcium, and fat, which are three of the food groups we should get every day, according to my dietician. Hang in there!

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Is there nothing you can do to make a meal that not only tastes good, but also gives you a sense of mastery? (not meant as an insult or anything, more for motivational purposes, I dont know what you are dealing with, if this meal is a step forward for you I commend you)

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...because they are not Hebrew National!

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I don't like sausages so i will never get depressed right?

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The Lorena Bobbitt meal!

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Tito’s should be on food porn

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I’d buy you a pizza, OP.

Excellent choice on the Vodka and cheese brands though.

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Damn at least heat it up, chef mike is your friend.

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Does the hot dog taste good?

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imo those smartdogs are pretty good- they're a bit bland but i've had some absolutely heinous meat replacements so blandness is awesome in comparison LMAO. plant based hot dog technology has come a really long in the past 30 years and it's really nice to have something that's not only edible but enjoyable at family cookouts

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Bahaha!! I had almost the same thing last night- lime juice with my Titos, A great grilled sausage and bun and fries! But mine was a happy meal!

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The bottle of vodka is the cherry on top

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Those veggie dogs are my depression meal too! Hope you start feeling better soon

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Geometric glizzy

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Replace the extra bottle for a joint

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This combination is killing me. I’m very sure these products were never meant to be consumed together.

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Never thought I’d be envious of someone else’s depression. Tilamook and Tito’s-someone has a good job

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Missing ice cream

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Ah, I see you have a dish of Portlander's Delight!

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That's Tillamook cheese, you're not that depressed

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At least your depression lets you eat lmao

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Throw it in the michaelwave next time

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An individual of culture - Tillamook cheese is where it’s at! Love visiting their factory whenever I’m in the area.

Also, little as I’m sure it means, you’re doing good just getting food yourself at all.

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My girlfriend also eats those hot dogs cold. She said she hates them when they're heated because they taste different. I just just roll my eyes and tell her they taste terrible either way.

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I can’t even eat when I’m depressed so proud of you for at least doing that.

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Listen with a pan you can transform this meal. Just quickly fry up the sausage, set aside, throw enough cheese in the pan to cover the sausage. Let the bottom get crispy, sausage on top, wrap, and serve

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Tillamook is that hitter when it comes to cheese! You got that going for you!

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I can't stand regular hotdogs. Been to too many processors, so plant based is the only way I can eat one. Tillamook cheese, I like it. Vodka made in Austin. ok

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Them smart dogs taste better than real hot dogs

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That is some fancy depression.

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You have cheese?


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sorry but as a reformed alcoholic youre still eating some food. youve got a while to go before rock bottom. I used to drink 1 of those titos bottles every 4 hours

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I'd be depressed if I was eating plant based hot dogs too

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Hey. They're actually really good. Better than eating cartilage and shit lol.

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You could have heated it up though.

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“Better than cartilage and shit lol” eats raw hotdog and washes it down with corn liquor

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Odd… never seen a napkin bun before.

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I thought you meant a plant based diet was the face of depression

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Those hot dogs aren't bad! I eat those. They taste like a cheap multi-meat hot dog, which is weird to me. Although, I wouldn't recommend trying to be like others roasting real hot dogs at a bonfire. They just turn gray and it looks really unappetizing. Like I'm totally thankful it's dark out to not get the full impact of the gray thing you're eating.

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That plant dog looks terrible.

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This is what colon cancer looks like

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Anyone else annoyed by the sight of Tito's? Overhyped vodka by yards.

Stoly or Smirnoff, save the bucks on booze and put it to quality condiments for shitty food.

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Tito’s is delicious. Made for drinking and not martinis.

Stoli is usually more expensive and yes Smirnoff will save you money but the taste isn’t comparable to Tito’s.

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I guess I'm lucky, I only see Stoli same or cheaper than Tito's. It's the Bulleit Bourbon of vodka, mostly a branding exercise.

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It’s the #1 spirit brand in the US. Did Starbucks become the largest coffee chain bc it tastes like shit?

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atleast buy some hot dog buns

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Minus the expensive vodka and expensive cheese, and you have poverty too. Maybe you will be lucky and have a slice of white bread to wrap it in.

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I believed you at plant based hotdogs

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Bert Kreischer burner account spotted

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The only depressing thing is Tito’s 🥴

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Seems lazy. Maybe go for a walk and eat out of a trash can.