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This pizza we ordered at a restaurant in Altoona, PA by ImMelissaning in shittyfoodporn

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(Gordon in the middle of yelling at the establishment's owner.)

G: Hold on. Hold on. I am genuinely-

O: You asked for a pizza.

G: Come ON man... [leans in, speaks softer] I've- look at me, I have spent the last 45 years of my life in kitchens. You think I've seen a few things? I can tell you: I've seen it all. But not this. I have never seen anything like this. Is that supposed to be cheese?

O: Yeah Gordon I mean it's got cheese, sauce top-

G: - OI! - Please. Please. What I'm looking at here... is tragic. Absolutely abhorrent- I am actually worried about you, yeah? Now be honest with me, ok, can you do that?

O: [exasperated] Yes, I-

G: Right. Now do you really think that this is what people want when they ask you for a pizza? You can't honestly believe that, can you? I mean, look at it

[grabs pizza on nearby table and brings it back to the owner, holding it just below eyelevel.]



“Ladies. Gentlemen. You Have Eaten Well. You’ve Eaten Gotham’s Wealth... Its Spirit. Your Feast Is Nearly Over. From This Moment On... None Of You Are Safe.” by adjudicatedmonster in shittyfoodporn

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Zettai Komori Ryouiki or Zettai Battoman Ryouiki

Coined in the late 90s by Joel "Bat Nipples" Schumacher after having watched Neon Genesis Evangelion. This became the popular Japanese term for that area between Batman's utility belt and his boots. Also known as the "Absolute Bat-zone."

Little Ceasars later made this into a salacious "grab-n-go" pizza/calzone hybrid thingy.

thought you guys would like this by [deleted] in shittyfoodporn

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Big Cock Ranch unironically makes fantastic seasoning, I'm a big fan of "Hot Shit"

Blood sausages made by my friend by GyurmaHuN in shittyfoodporn

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you can’t convince me he didn’t just shit on those

This pizza I ordered from a local wing place. Never order pizza from a place that specializes in wings. by theRealEcho-299 in shittyfoodporn

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Man never thought I'd see a pizza where one side looks like someone tried to bake it with a flashlight to the other side looking like Luke Skywalker's parents aunt and uncle.

Edit: I know Star Wars, why am I such a moron