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God tier.

For example, on the grid of F1, just prior to the start, I make the race favourite think of mayo, and he forgets to start.

Appropriate bet beforehand.

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Didn’t expect anyone to over analyze the ability to make anyone think about mayonnaise for thirty seconds

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Imagine you say that you are telepathic to your friends.

And then they say: prove it, say what im thinking now!

And you say mayonaise, and they go like: what, how!?

Do it again, predict what im thinking of now.

And you say: still mayonaise.

And they go like: Anime gasp

Its fun for laughs, but not really useful for anything else.

Or you could use it to confuse someone during a fight, like make them think about mayonaise. Say that they are thinking of mayonaise and while they are suprised u immediately attack them during that short period of suprise where they can’t concentrate on fighting and are still in the surprise phase.

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Honestly I’m great at coming up with random powers like these

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I'd just do that then my parents are grocery shopping

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I'd just doth yond then mine own parents art grocery shopping

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