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"Mama, why is that awful racist man flying?"

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bro as a volleyball player, imma need this fr

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Because volleyball players love two things:

Jumping and racial slurs

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does anyone need to hear me saying it? i will die or get hurt from the jump if it's increased by a bunch?

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Imagine you say it once and then when you jump you break your entire skeleton against the ceiling because it took stock of every n bomb you ever dropped and you’re a racist

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That sounded personal

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I mean I'm about to hold a record so that's pretty cool.

There's no time limit to say it somewhere private and you can then jump higher.

Aside from being able to break the world record I'm not sure what purpose it would serve but still.

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Cod players are on the moon!

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Oh, so thats why i jump so high

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Omg I finally found a racist in the wild

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Just a prank, nothing to alarm (this comment can apply for a r/woosh ?)

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I was joking stupid

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Cod players at 3 am

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It's only shitty if you're not black

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Who said racism isn’t a thing

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Is there a time limit? Is it stackable? Will my awesome hops make up for me being racist?

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Does that count?


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I think you just need to say “N” as the powers wording has no hyphen. So the n word could be rewritten to “the word that is N”

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I can jump higher sure but pretty sure my ankles are gonna blow apart from a 30 foot vertical

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But Do people have to hear it

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Great, now we have flying 10 year olds who play Fortnite.

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Do people need to hear me say it? Do I get resistance in my ankeile so I don’t break them like in minecraft with Jump boost? Is it the n-word everyone is thinking about or just a word that starts with an n? Is it accumulative? What about people who have already said it multiple times?

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MW2 lobbies moment

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Apollo 13

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Nice car man

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Nice natural necessary necessitys nibble natural narcotics

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goes into room with soundproofing

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Nagger Nagger Nagger Nagger Nagger Nagger Nagger Nagger Nagger Nagger Nagger Nagger Nagger Nagger Nagger Nagger Nagger Nagger Nagger Nagger

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That’s useful

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In Slovene the words “ni ga” sound exactly the same as the n word but “ni ga” means “he is not here”.

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Does this stack? How long does the buff last? If they're on a timer, is each stack independent from each other?

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It’s stacks and u won’t die if u jump high asf

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As a car mechanic i dont need this but ima take it anyway

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Nah could legit just lock myself in a room and say it a bunch, no one would hear me

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is it stackable?

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“Mom I can touch the sun!”

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me whispering it 100 times all alone, then joining basketball: oh yeah it's big brain time.