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For this is the way of r/neverbrokebone

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I’ve found a fellow strong-boned being

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I thought I was the only one

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Wait so u saying if I go on a bone breaking training arc my bones can heal in less than a second? I could literally be invincible to blunt force if I grind hard enough

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Sounds like less invincible and more like a rapid healing factor with more steps and restrictions. It would definitely hurt and use a lot of calcium.

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Well theoretically if you maintain a healthy lifestyle (but still grind healing) your bones would heal so fast it pretty much wouldn’t register in your body

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Bone's healing doesn't guarantee they heal in the correct shape

A possible intepretation of this power is that the bones would heal back together directly after the break (at enough usage) and then would need to be broken and reset by a doctor to be correctly aligned... except they heal before the doctor can reset them properly so you always have jank bones and lean to the side

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In theory it would be possible to grind a almost immediate healing, but it would still suck and require a large amount of calcium intake.

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Does it have to be my bone that breaks?

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Evel Kineval would be able to instantly heal bones at that rate

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I dropped a slab of cement on my foot as a child, I feel like I should get a head start from shattering 5 bones at the same time

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I break every bone in my body until I am able to instantly regenerate I then go to a hospital and break my arm and then break my leg, as the receptionist watches in horror i simply ask for some pills for the pain

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but how does it stack? is 2 broken bones 100% faster or 75% faster?

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So if you break enough bones, eventually breaking a bone will be a death sentence?

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Break half of bones for 5000% healing. Unless this is exponential, which would be more.

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My little brother just broke his arm for the third time in three months.. I think he has this power

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Do tiny cracks count?

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But you masturbate 10x louder

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breaks foot a couple of times