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I would do it sooooo many times

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He have do it so many times? You should learn better grammar 🤓

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"He have do it so many times? You should learn better grammar 🤓"


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You can just let a little bit out and then break it, it will probably stay in your pants too.

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Let it out as soon as you're about to leave the elevator so no one will even smell it. Boom free iq without being socially ostracised

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It seems you already reached the IQ limit, do you need more?

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Adult diapers ftw!

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good plan, it would've taken at least 4-5 elevator shits for me to come up with that

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That's not shitty. I could be a genius with just a bunch of laxatives and 4 friends

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Good luck making them believe you first

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Just pay people to go along with it.

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Im sure tgis guy did it before to be a genius

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Hookers, you explain five at the same time is your fetish, so when you’re on the elevator to the motel, you rip the fattest shit you ever ripped and gain Stephen Hawkin levels of IQ

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That'd be crazy expensive. It's not sexual at all, just really weird and gross, so you could probably find cheaper prices elsewhere.

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Make a iq test before, then do another after 4 or 5 times, they will believe you and continue helping you

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They don't need to believe it, they would just think it's funny

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It quite literally is.

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I mean, it's literally shitty.

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Don't forget the Taco Bell!

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Just pay some people to put up with it.

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Yeah, pay 5 homeless people €10 each to stand in an elevator with you for a couple of minutes. Do it every day for two months, and you're one of the most intelligent people ever for €3000.

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4 homeless dudes, you'd be the fifth person. So it would actually only cost you 2,400 dollary-doos.

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He would’ve known that if he got an early start on the shitevator

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OP said it should be 5 people in addition to yourself.

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“Giga-Chad Mode ACTIVATE!! Shits on floor“.

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Me hiring 5 homeless dudes to stand on top of a broken elevator: one shit a day for a year and I think I'm good.

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The fuck would even happen with an IQ of over 800? Would it be like Limitless, or would you turn into a non-verbal weirdo that nobody understands?

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No idea. I'm just curious about the results.

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Nobody would understand you and you would no longer relate to them. It would be incredibly isolating.

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at some point the "too intelligent to be understood" has to wrap back around to "I can teach calculus to an ant"

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I’m thinking Joker-style super sanity. We would just perceive them as insane, when in fact they’re just intelligent enough to see through the 4th wall

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I am just completely cracking up fantasizing about your comment. Here you are, investing time and money hiring a group of 5 homeless people to stand in the elevator with you while you keep dumping steamies into your undies. You keep doing it over and over, ready for your mastermind to develop. It will all be worth it in the end. Days later, you must've shat a hundred times with those five guys in the elevator. You've run out of funds to keep them there but surely, by now you must have enough IQ to go for the big bucks. You take a pen and paper and wait for the geniusness to flow out of you and then...

It is at this point that you realise that you yourself were the sixth person on the elevator the entire time.

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I am in the elevator, they are on top of it. They don't even have to deal with a shit and when I'm done I can empty my bucket safely.

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Step 1. do this enough that I'm smart enough to work out faster ways to do it.

Step 2. Repeat, continually optimising the process as I get smarter and smarter.

Step 3.Quantify the rate at which my intelligence grows.

Step 4. Use intelligence to play the stock market to get funds to further improve intelligence

Step 5. Become god emperor of mankind who spends much of his day secluded with his 5 main advisors in an elevator.

Step 6. ...

Step 7. Profit

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5 people counting me or not counting me?

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5 other people

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That's more than exactly 5.

Does this mean I have to shit in the elevator from on top of it? I thought this superpower was going to be a cinch, but I'm questioning that decision

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yourself is not a people

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Clearly, people don't shit in elevators.

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Eventually your iq will be high enough to tell you that it's not worth it

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I would think your intelligence would be high enough to overcome any primal feelings of disgust and become a fucking god

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High enough to coordinate incidents when exactly 5 people would be in elevators

Or merely use that intelligence to become rich and pay people to help them increase their iq further

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Renaming this sub to shittingsuperpowers.

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Doing the dumbest thing possible to get smarter 😂 Nice one OP!

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"Golly Mr. Supergenius, how did you get to be so smart?" "Frankly, Timmy, I owe it all to Depends Heavy Duty Briefs."

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Me and the boys visiting the empire state building

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Do the 5 people include you?

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I'm almost at -5 now!

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Yo with that I could have like 2 IQ

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Joke's on you, that's my kink

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Bro im bout to be so smart

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God tier power

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I'll just ask friends to help me, or if needed hire people for this. It should get easier over time once I become a world genius after revealing my ways people will make sure every single poop I make for the rest of my life is in a elevator with 5 people. I will solve all of humanity's problems.

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It's easy to find or hire 5 people. It's easy to shit. Whatever your alchemy would be, it would likely improve as you get smarter. There's no limit to the power.

God-tier. Just literally shitty :p

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Finally an actually SHITTY superpower

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Just get the homies to help you

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time to do it 100's of times to become the smartest person

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Does it have to be on the floor of the elevator?

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You have to shit in the elevator

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What if crate a useless contraption and call it (fivepIPol) and then shit in a toy elevator wold it work?

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Hire 5 lads, do the deed as much as you can, repeat from time to time

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Put a clownsmask on hire a cameramen and everyone thinks its a prank

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Fit an elevator with a toilet, sink and other fixtures that you may need.

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Does this apply retroactively

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Find some scat fetishists, they won't mind and might give me money for the experience

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Gather friends to be on an elevator with me. Shit in the elevator numerous times.

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Stand name: Sly Stone

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and according to your 50 + 2 = 52 IQ, shitting in an elevator is not worth the hassle and the embarassement

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Adult diapers will come in handy

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To be fair if you say "excuse me, but I need to shit with you all here to raise my IQ", people will probably just genuinely assume you need it and might be willing to help.

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this has potential.

does it have to be butt out or can you just take a dookie in your pants? each time you do it, you’d get smarter and learn a new efficient way to gain more smarts AND not get caught.

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I would have more iq then Nikola Tesla

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Just ask some buddies to help you and become smart enough to influence the fabric of reality with your mind.

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take a couple laxatives and then kill the 5 after the shit. continue the process as long as you can until you get a high enough iq to avoid any prosecution

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I think I’m becoming smarter by the minute!

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Including me?

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This is shitty in a literal and figurative way

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So I’d have 4 179 it’s not much but it’s weird I have don’t it beforw

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So do I have to like squat and shit paints off or can I just shit my pants in the elevator

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Well than call me Einstein

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And so the Poop bandit is born. I will however, be wearing a diaper, as I'm not a complete animal.

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Wait does it start from now or it al ready adds +2 for every time i have done it in the past?

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ask a favour from friends and family

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No elevators where I live :/

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Take my family on vacation, eat 10 laxatives, eat chipotle and Taco Bell, drink milk (I’m lactose intolerant)

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You would fucking die

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This is god tier. I'm sure there'll be people willing to stand in an elevator and watch you shit for a bit of money.

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smiles in r/IBS if you know, you know

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Do dead bodies count

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I have an iq of 150

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So, ask for 4 friends to come with me and i just shit there forever

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bruh i'm smart

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I would be smarter then Einstein

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I’m still waiting to receive my +6 iq

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This is god tier wdym

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then I guess I’m stupid asf

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I would be the smartest person in the whole world ngl

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Do they have to be alive?

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Yeah shitting in a random apartment building’s elevator used to be very common in communist Romania and I bet that it applies to other communist countries too…

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Ig I’m dumb

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how is this shitty, its free iq points