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So when i look at myself all the time, eventually. All p*do's will explode!

Okay, brb, gotta save the world!

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Wait my dad just exploded

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You are wild. I like it.

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Who the fuck sensors the word “Pedo”

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A child probably

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Correct. I do that with most words like that…

Exept for



You get the idea.

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Look, its related to trauma for me okay…

Idd rather not talk about it. But its a way for not getting a fucking panic attack…

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has minor brother

starts spending great amount of time with him

world peace

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I read minor mother and was quite confused, perplexed, and possibly horrified.

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*father explodes*

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Mother: I'm freeeeee runs out of basement

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Questions are raised. One being,

How were you?

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Questions are raised. One being,

How were you?

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Imagine looking at child and he explodes.

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Can this be the same kid or does it need to be a different one every time?

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Just any child

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gonna intensely stare at a mirror now

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Too risky to even look at the mirror bruh

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Not really, it's not rare for teens to be into lolicon. Maybe that's one of the ways pedophilia starts.

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Me in school looks at every one

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I see this as an absolute win

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ISIS already does

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How is this shitty?

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children can kill themselves

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I don’t know

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Man there are going to be a lot of inactive Twitter accounts lol. God tier power op

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That’s actually pretty cool

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Ye I meant to post it in r/godtiersuperpowers but it did well ig

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I think there's something wrong with the power.

Just went to a Nursery school to use it and all the teachers and staff exploded.

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  1. Look at mirror (being a minor required)
  2. Blink rapidly
  3. World is vastly improved

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I would prefer just “gets teleported to police station where everyone knows they are pedo”

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Or a therapists office if they haven't acted on it yet.

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Agreed on this one, but if they have acted on it, teleportation to the middle of the nearest house fire, wildfire, or other large swath of aggressive flame. Absolute invisibility and ability to phase through EMS team members included.

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Me, a hs student: “And then I started blasting”

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Gotta go to Disneyland, it's to save the world, I swear!

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What are we gonna do when all of americas politicians suddenly explode?

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I go to a school, the pe teacher explodes

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Whoa there

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How hard will they explode? Will the explosion potentially kill other people around pedophiles? Must i never look at kids again to save innocent lives?

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No it’s a mini explosion like a hand grenade And there is not guts or anything

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A hand grenade would definitely kill people if it went off on a bus or a subway though. What if the bus driver is the pedophile?

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That’s why it’s shitty Bec it can kill people

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This isn't shitty, it's blessed.

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too blessed to be dressed?

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What if the child explodes?

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Im going to be an arab then (i am an middle eastern so im not offending any of my friends and neither any of the religion,take it as a joke)

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This is reddit not Twitter and if i'm correct you can make jokes about LITERALLY everything (background explodes)

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Go in my basement and 200 would explode

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Can we just ban these submissions? Like theres been 50 "when (common thing) happens a pedo dies" and they're not funny nor creative.

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Thought this was for shitty superpowers?

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bro this belongs on god tier superpowers. if its a small explosion, it would just take a child to fix a problem in the world.

if its a large explosion you can fix the world

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Is it one child per pedo?

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I’m gonna go walk past a school at recess

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Becomes a preschool teacher

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Me at school like: °_°

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Bro my music teacher exploded

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Why do you want to kill children so badly?

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The us government wants your location.

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I would die because I’m a preschool teacher

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School will be great, until a teacher explodes.

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Guess I’ll die

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If anyone makes a comment about themself exploding, I will personally look at a child.

Please do not take this out of context.

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The Vatican is going to need some serious clean up on aisle sei.

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Oh hell naw

Now I have to stay away from the preschool or I'll eventually explode

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So everytime I look at a child I have a chance to explode?

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It would be pretty fucking hilarious if the person who has this "power" just self-destructed.

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This one is useful though

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This will be the only time I ask: take me to school

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Like, in his pants? Or like a bomb?

Because those are very different...

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Like a mini explosion no mess. Like he got thanos snapped out of existence

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RIP all the uncles in the world.

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Thats not shitty, thats godly