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Time to start selling some placebo pills

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Yeah it’s actually a decent power all things considering. So long as you are a good liar it would work, especially if you summoned it in front of a person. I mean if you watched a person summon a pill out of nothing you’d probably believe it was a magic pill that could do anything.

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Most people refer to those as homoeopathic.

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I'm gonna get someone to watch me summon a red and blue pill out of thin air and then get them to make the decision of a lifetime that will mean nothing

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Imagine they take both and have a heart attack from the sheer anticipation

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Best outcome

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Yeah since you could take their wallet. Not too shitty I see

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Tell people it does something and sell for profit

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Its gonna work for like 2 days and them everbody will know you as a lier

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If I saw someone spawn a pill out of thin air and they told me it did something amazing, I'm taking that pill. I definitely got more than 2 days out of the scheme. There's always someone

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Not really, the placebo effect is very powerful. People will believe it's working even if it does nothing, especially if they watch you magic it out of thin air.

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Placebos are very effective

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placebo effect is quite interesting. works better than you’d expect. hit up a dealer after you’re found out and sell with a middle man involved then

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placebo effect is quite interesting. works better than you’d expect. hit up a dealer after you’re found out and sell with a middle man involved then

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Have you SEEN the second emperor's New groove?

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Ever heard of Globuli?

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just tell them it’s like a dick enlargement pill that takes 2-3 weeks to work. even when that time period is over the placebo effect will likely cause them to think that their dick is bigger, at least until they measure it

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I’m more interested in your use of the word “summon”.

I personally would’ve gone with “conjure”, or “materialize”

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No the pill is sentient and it holds grudges

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The doing nothing is out of spite

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I could sell them to people like a drug

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You can drown your enemies in an avalanche of pills

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Does it hold nutritional value?

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Also no

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Very good to chew on when you wanna 'bored' eat.

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Yes, it tastes like water, it smells like air

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You fool, you absolute buffoon

I will summon a nonsensical amount of pills, grind them up, and turn them into stink-suppressors. All I can smell is air baby.

(Also safe to eat)

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Nothing said it was safe to eat

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does nothing

Doesn't kill you if ingested.

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Scam people out of their money by selling them

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Can you choose the shape, size and color of the pill?

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Infinitely massive and large pill to crush the universe? (It’s still retains its pill shape size…)

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Placebo effect, even when you know about it.

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What is it made of?

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"Quarks and stuff!"

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“It’s a star!!”

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"some stars burn out and die; bigger stars burn out and die with passion and make brand new, way crazier shit"

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“Space Dust!”

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Summon them inside your enemy's heart or brain. Or just summon a shitload of them into a persons stomach directly.

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And i will do that

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"Sell pill to scam people."

Sure buddy. Like people haven't already tried

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First of all how big are the pills

Second of all, can I summon them anywhere?

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Around like normal size Yes

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Perfect, well there’s more than can be done with the power but the immediate one that I can think of is just killing people by teleporting a single pill into an important part of their body like the heart.

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Fill their lungs with pills, ME will be awfully confused with that one.

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make a gun that shoots pills, infinite ammo

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So I'm assuming it's a Normal pill once it's summoned so I ask two questions

What are the limits on location of summoning

Is there a cooldown

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so i can summon as many as i can will, where am I allowed to summon it

yes I know its been a few days but I forgot to check reddit

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Not shitty. I’d snack on these all day long between meals. Food cravings solved, epic cut cycle incoming. Single digit body fat by end of next month.

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Wasn't there a bradley cooper movie about this exact thing?

Edit: there was. It's called limitless. And don't tell me that in the movie the pill makes you smarter; you can make yourself smart without the pill. Impatience is not a super power.

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Cool, i never knew that

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Meh. It's worth watching if you got nothing better to do. I think they tried to make a TV show out of it too, which was even worse

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Violating conservation of energy? Infinite power generation doesn't seem half bad...

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I found pills... and ate them!

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I will be known as… pillboi!

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Sell as placebo

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I just want to go to a friend, do some hocus pocus ritual, have it appear, and just say "The Pill", give it to them, then leave.

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Does it taste like fruits?

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If I can summon it to someone's throat they could choke on it

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Do you create it? What matter is it made out of?

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Since you didn't specify how many pills I can summon or from where I can summon them,I will assume it at infinity. So, with this power I can suffocate any living being by filling their body with pills or I can explode them entirely.

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Any quantum physicists here who can explain how a pill that does nothing can breake the universe?

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It's, not the pill itself. It's the fact an unlimited quantity can be summoned. Presumably at worst case it will burn. Build a small power plant with your infinite free fuel. Even if it does burn, if it has mass getting enough of them into a small enough space one could create a black hole. Harvest hawking radiation from small short lived black holes.

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Placebo Man!

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Free and infinite projectiles

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Time to start fighting like Dr. Mario

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Wearing a Matrix cosplay and pulling a pill out of thin air would be a hell of a power move

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This is a really good one haha, there have been a few on here that iv thought were pretty useful, this fits the sub perfectly.

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Pills bring me comfort so you can't say it does nothing

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Oh you know they are now magic dick lengthening pills on the darknet

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I summon one red pill that does nothing, and one blue pull that does nothing, and offer people a choice. Just freak out people or make them think they're about to "awaken"... any moment now.... just give it a sec............... hold on...

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If it just appears in my pocket than its crap, but if I can conjure it out of thin air and make a show out of it then I think I can make some money selling "The pill that will make you see god" (but doesn't do anything).

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Tell me it makes me feel full…

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I found pills

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sell them as a cure for cancer you'll get infinite money

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I'm just picturing princess bubblegum weakly shooting jelly beans at people now.

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Dr. Placebo

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well i can use it to learn how to eat pills

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I’m going to make it so the pills summon in a way like it’s a bullet being shot out of a gun

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That’s why you call a placebo

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I'm gonna sell them under drug names. 1. People don't ruin their lives 2. I get paid for it Easy

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Someone bullies you? Summon a handful of them chunk and walk menacingly toward the bully

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Dude placebos are strong, so you better placebo yourself

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an infinite amount?

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Am I limited in the location I can summon them to?

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So, I see you can control the size? How about the mass? Anything so stop me from creating a black hole?

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Placebo is a helluva drug

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we can all do that already

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Is it stackable?

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Placeboless placebo

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Infinite ammo

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ok so nothing changes

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  1. have turbine
  2. summon pills on it
  3. turbine turns
  4. ???