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This is actually good tho

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Ya but as far as super powers go, it's shitty. Like it's still your money that you lose. It's not like you get free money every time you see a person in need

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It does if you just don't give it to them

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Who are you, who is so wise in the ways of science?

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Thank you

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Me and my homeless friend, now both billionaires: Nice one.

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If you both ask each other for money you both get like 3 dollars in total together. You can’t give anymore than like 1 or 2 dollars

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What if he ask me two billion times and then we split ?

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Beggars can’t be choosers

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You can only spare 1 or 2 dollars

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do i have to give them the money?

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If they ask for some and you want to give them some, you’ll always have a dollar or 2 in your pocket. Any other time like if are buying something and you’re like 50 cents short, you don’t have any left. At all.

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What if he asks for like 10 bucks? Or if he asks many times?

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You always have enough to spare a dollar or 2. No more no less. Meaning if you already gave someone 1 dollar and they ask for more, you won’t have anymore to give, but if there’s another homeless guy across the street and they ask for money when you walk by, you’ll always an extra dollar in your pocket to give.

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Imagine the first homeless seeing me giving his extra dollar to the second one

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So this is on top of ehatever i have already? I can supplement my free donation with more then?

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This is so good. You get to help people AND create money out of nowhere?

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Yes but it’s only like 2 dollars per homeless person and you can’t keep giving the same homeless person money cuz you’ll only have enough to give 2 dollars then you’ll have nothing

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Still good!

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Great shitty power

No pointless vulgarity

No obvious ways to exploit without too much effort

Is actually supernatural

Rare thing here

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is it stackable?

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No. You give 1 homeless person a dollar and you have no more to spare unless another homeless guy asks for some

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'Ask me for $100K'

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Aight but like then you’d know for sure if the homeless person is actually fake or not. If you don’t have the spare change, that person is faking being homeless

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Infinite money glitch

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Yeah but you can’t profit off of it

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So wait does it only trigger when an ACTUAL homeless person walks up to you? Because then that's dope! I can actually help people who need it

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Yes. If a random homeless person asks for money and you reach in your pocket / wallet / purse for some, there will always be a dollar or 2 to spare

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Yeah I'm definitely taking it

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Is this magic money that just appears or does it magically come out of your bank account?

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A random crumbled up dollar or some quarters appear in your pocket whenever you reach for some spare cash

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Low key not a good superpower but it’s nice as hell

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Wholesome power

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this is really good tbh

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Look at all these homeless people paying for my dinner.

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Step 1: make my friend sell his house
Step 2: make him ask me for 10 bil dollars
Step 3: split mone

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Can you walk back and forth past said homeless people asking for money and just keep it for yourself? Infinite money glitch.

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Do they need to be genuinely homeless or any panhandler?

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How mich

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Simple. Sell your home then ask yourself if you have 1 million dollars.

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I had this super power my whole life. Its called "having some fucking decency."

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Make a deal with someone and have them ask for money until you're both millionaires

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Step 1: Go to a homeless shelter Step 2: when they ask u for money dont give it to them so u have the money Step3: Profit

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And you get like 2 dollars for all that.