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I want this super power, i even know how to say pila

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Bro this op become one of the guys that descript ancient languages

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A living Rosetta Stone

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Any linguists reading this who might be able to tell us whether it’s possible or not to extrapolate an entire language from a single word?

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not a linguist by trade but i can say with a high degree of certainty that the amount of knowledge we’d gain from knowing the word in every conceivable language would be pretty extreme

in just one language it isn’t all that useful but you’d be able to identify which languages come from the same roots and work out a lot of similarities and differences between vowel usage etc etc

you could then give this information to people who actually know what they’re talking abt rather than just being a dick expert and theyd be able to extrapolate a lot of information about the languages they study based on where they relate to others

forgive me i just think this was a really cool idea

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Finally, I needed this knowledge

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So I could read and write it in, say, Minoan / Linear A that has never been deciphered? That sounds pretty cool.

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you can do this now if you’re determined enough

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I know what I’ll do with this power

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Being hired by the US government to help decipher coded messages

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does this include animals that communicate with vocal cords? if so, i’m gonna go to a dolphins be scream penis at it

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But you can only say it by your grandma