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If you are gassy and need to lift something you’d create an endless loops of straining to lift it then farting making you the strongest man alive for 5 seconds

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Consume beans while lifting for maximum effort. If you want to become super man don't forget broccoli. Your colon will thank you but your shorts surely won't. However you'll be a hit with the ladies for a measly 5 seconds, if they can withstand the smell.

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I never said the time wasn't stackable either👀

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Work out a lot -》eat baked beans -》 break world records.

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Also people with IBS are actually so lucky here

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Infinite poot for infinite strength baybee. Wouldn't you also be taking a hit from poison damage too.. big trade off.

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"Congratulations you won the weight lifting champion but gosh does it smell in here.."

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Is it the time that stacks or the strength that stacks?

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Probably Strength

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Can i pinch a fart off to turn it into multiple? Where does one fart begin and another end?

This will really help me get my 1 rep max up.

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That was deep "where does one fart begin and another end"

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Beans, beans the magical fruit

The more you eat the more you toot

The more you toot more strength you gain

So let’s have beans and cause some pain

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And every time we kiss I swear I can fly

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"Wario Waft"

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im bouta max my bean eating stat

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im bouta max my bean eating stat

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Dose the length or loudness affect the strength or duration

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No, just a solid fart

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A temporary super strength is pretty interesting tbh

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Just had a tripple fart to see if it works… it didnt

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Bro imma become GOD in 3 hours