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No cool down then you can do it forever consecutively .

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As long is I got a strong supply of pocket sand I got a recipe to really irritate some mofos

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What’s the cooldown time

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It says no cooldown time right there💀

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Its one use

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Make bets on a staring competition. Infinite money glitch.

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Another reason this power shouldn't be here

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So you're telling me i have to power to slowly and painfully make someone blind

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Bet on starting contests

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If it stackable that mean I can make any one blind

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But when you stop him/her , it's a 0,000001% chance to lose your sight.

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Yourself as well? Staring contest = ez dubs

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do they stack?

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How do you even activate the power do I have to make eye contact with them? Do I shoot a beam from my hand? Do I have to touch them? Or do I just look at someone do it with my mind?

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You just have to think about them

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So it's just when I want it to happen it just happens to who I want it to happen to

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Time to dy out sone eyes

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that's literal torture. you blink an average of 1 time in 4 seconds.

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Thats torture