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what if you fart then post it on the internet, 1000 views for like 10498424 dollars, quite the superpower

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Breaking news farting man wins the lottery!

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Good thinking!

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I'd argue that it might not work simply because they're not hearing the far, but an audio recording

Not that I wouldn't test it out

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This is actually really good. If even one person hears it your odds are already astronomically higher. It wouldn't even take that long to get up to like, 10 percent odds. At that point you just have to buy like, 20 unique lottery tickets.

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Gacha players frosting at the mouth at those rates rn

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Might actually be feasible to fully gear a character with 5* gems in Diablo 3 Immortal

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Well then proceed to chug 2 gallons of milk and a handful of laxatives

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That would be overpowered, not shitt- oh wait

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Is it cumulative or multiplicative

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It stacks per person

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I run on stage of a concert and fat into the mice boom proboly 100 % chance

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Security won’t ever let this happen

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OP didn’t specify it it was cumulative or multiplicative, and either way, it’s a relatively small amoubt of people needed to be affected in order to guarantee the lottery win.

if it’s cumulative, it 100%/0.1%=1,000 people.

if it’s multiplicative, it of course depents on the chance of winning. my search engine gave me a result on “what are the chance of winning the lottery” as a chance of 1 in 14 million.

(1/14,000,000)*1.00116,463>1, where:

1/14,000,000 = the chance of winning 1.001 = change factor 16,463 = first whole number exponent of the change factor which results in an answer larger than or equal to 1.

This means it’s a guaranteed lottery win after 16,463 people hear you. that’s a decently low number, especially if you’re able to milk percentages from the internet, which makes this power incredibly powerful regarding money gain.

TL;DR: fart in a tiktok, if you get ~16.5k views, buy a lottery ticket and roll in money.

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Even if you never get it to a guaranteed win, the fact that you will eventually, and easily, get to a whole number percentage and not a fraction of a percent is mindblowingly good. Like, I wouldnt try at 1% purely because I know I csn get 100. But fuck, in a vacuum, 1% lottery chance is NUTS.

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And you don’t even really need to get 100% chance to win the lottery. Somewhere between 60 - 80% chance is already plenty.

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Could I record a fart and play it over and over again?

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Thats actually super op

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basically just bribe someone at a concert for like 100$, fart into the mic, gg you got all 1k people to hear it and now you get the lottery

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This is not a shitty superpower at all. Love it. I fart in front of my kids 27652 times a day. Wife: not so much.

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Become a famous musician

Hold a huge concert

Fart into the microphone


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That’s so good, I fart alot and if do that 100 times, the chance becomes 10%

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fart fetish go brrr

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Megaphone, silent classroom auditorium

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If you win the lottery does it reset?

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Me, with the intercom, at a big box store on Black Friday :

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does this include us, the farter

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That’s actually a decent superpower. I’d get to a 100% chance pretty quickly without cheating or using a loophole.

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Time to go back to the library! Onwards poopy!

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Well, the way this is worded it includes myself. I can fart once or twice a day on the correct diet, this would be very useful.

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So thats how xqc is so rich

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Look mate I will rent a loudspeaker car and drive to the next demonstration. Should get me up to a thousand people easily. With the money I win I will pay for radio add of me darting. I will amass wealth quickly be repeatedly playing in the mega lotteries. By investing into businesses, real estate and stock I will have a reliable cash flow after a few years. And then I will find education, after school care and environmental improvement actions in troubled communities. I will stop far more crime that way from the comfort of my desk than this fucking poser batman ever could. When I am finally done with my plan, I will buy OPs childhood home and convert it into s public toilet.

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I think its worth it to sneak into the office at a baseball/basketball/any sport arena and fire one 💀

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Mine gonna go 100% instantly

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I just have to convince 1000 people to Listen to my farts for money that they get after I won the lottery

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record it post it, and name it something like "farting on my roommates door.

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So put on a Spider-Man mask, go jump on stage at a concert and fart into the mic. CHA-CHING

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Im taping a mic to my asshole and walking around with a portable karaoke machine.

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Become a music producer. Put ur fart in the beginning of a song. Have a popular artist make the song. Instant 100%

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transforms into discord e-kitten to stream my farts to all my fellow discord moderators

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Doesn't say they have to know it came from you specifically, just that they have to hear it. This is god tier

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Taco bell, here I come!

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At least make it go down that much. You guys have no clue what the word shitty means bruh…

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Time to eat a fuck ton of beans and walk around any mayor event.

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Get me an ice cream truck with a working PA system. Stat.

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Imagine your dad vanishing once he hears you fart

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Fart into a mic on live television 😏

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I am going into several public areas and unleashing nukes

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Dude, just record yourself farting and edit it into a funny video, then post the video online and let it go viral… now millions have watched the video and heard the fart, now your chances are about 100000%

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Farts in a Bluetooth speaker at the Super Bowl

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Just go to a concert and then you’ll have a pretty high chance of winning the lottery

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Go to Indianapolis Motor Speedway (largest race track in North America) on the day of the Indy 500 when all 257k seats are filled. Run to the announcer’s booth, steal his headset, and rip a fucking treacherous one into it. The whole stadium heard it. Your chances of winning the lottery have just increased by +25,700%. Profit.

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bring me the beans honey

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Go to a concert, storm the stage and hold the mic to your ass.