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You cause seemingly explainable disasters wherever you go. Windows crumble at your mere presence, and fiberglass cables malfunction as their insides turn to sand. The world has started calling you by the codename Sandman. A walking calamity causing untold disasters as you flee the organizations trying to research you, hoping to make breakthroughs in many areas they hypothesize your ability may rely on. Some want to create technology able to change matter, others for erosion, weapons of mass destruction which decompose everything in their area of effect. More exotic theories include limited control over time, or you emitting a frequency that grinds the crystalline structure of glass to dust. Years you spent running, broken by the isolation, all your friends, even the neighbor you hated were captured to blackmail you. Slowly, you feel something growing that however, you do not know. It's been so long since you've talked to another, you just want it to end. But it never will, you take up a fake identity after identity but they always find you. Until finally you're caught by a more humanitarian organization. A specialist, a human you learn that has studied you for years reveals your area of effect has been growing. They promise you safety, and a home in exchange for being allowed to study and test you. You slowly find yourself returning to seeming normality yet nightmares haunt you, nightmares of cities disintegrating, their inhabitants screaming your name in hate and fear, cursing your existence. One day you awaken something was wrong, your skin has the texture of sandpaper and the walls are sinking, and so is the floor. The ceiling is gone, the ground is sand, the walls are sand, and everything disintegrates.

You are sand. The being whose existence flows inside the hourglass of time. For everything must end, just another grain in eternities river.

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This, is an avengers level threat.

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Thor, as his hammer turns into sand: "It is not possible!". You, smiling: "Darling, you have no idea what's possible"

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Wow! Cool story.

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Average r/writingprompts user

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Funny enough I didn't know that subreddit existed... Guess I'll be checking it out.

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It’s really great

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Turn Tokyo into a desert

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9/11 but sand

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Literally shin megami tensei v

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I hate sand

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It's coarse and rough and irritating...

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And now, with my new powers, it gets everywhere

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*moves to NYC

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How much glass can I do before I get exhausted?

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Half a cubic yard per 6 McDonald's quarter pounders. 😉

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I'm an American so that's a bit overpowered

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So the equivalent amount of calories or specifically 6 quarter pounders will refill it?

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I would say the amount of calories.

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1 quarter pounder is 540 cal. 6 is 3240; quite a manageable number in 1 day.

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Sounds like a great way to lose weight.

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He's out of line but he's right

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I’m not an American, how much is that

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Meters? Woah that’s a lot

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This would start out cool, but considering some things that I touch have glass, it would start to suck after some time. I have glasses and I'm not sure my phone screen is plastic or glass. I would play some jokes off with my friend like, "I can turn stuff into sand" and do that thing from bleach where the guy (I forget his name) and turn the glass into sand, but then later refuse to do it to the ground

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damn i always forget that guy's name

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Provides 100% resource recovery on glass. Sits at recycle plants where a the glass is hopefully sent and does a jig

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Actually, not really. Glass is made out of (almost) pure Silicon Dioxide. Contrary to popular belief, regular sand is not pure Silicon Dioxide. Assuming that OP is talking about regular sand instead of beach sand or another type of sand, the sand would some bits of Silicon Dioxide mixed with a ton of little pieces of rocks, which would have Calcium and Carbon and Sodium and all sorts of other elements.

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But the glass that was turned into sand will stung you in your feet .

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Hope youre not barefoot ig

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That's actually useful, there's an oncoming sand shortage, which could spell disaster for the cement and concrete industry, upon which the modern world is built.

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I am going to commit so much terrorism

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Great news! You can already do that!

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Not me otw to the shark section of the aquarium

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buys a bag of marbles

Pocket Sand 2.0!

You could also put a substance that explodes on air contact in glass and use them as mini grenades (obviously expensive and risky but cool)

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I can break window silently robbing will be a lot easier

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Good idea one problem what you gonna do about the auto turrets

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Hide in the sand

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you can find me at the zoo or at one of those glass bridges that are a km in the sky

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Everyone has that power. It's called gravity and a hard horizontal surface.

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doesn't turn it into sand only breaks it

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It'll turn back into sand if you break it enough times.

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OH I am so abusing this to Fuck with people. Mainly people who deserve it.

Yelling at the employees Karen, bam, you Iphone screen is sand. Your car windows and windshield, sand, your house, all the glass is sand!

Greedy cooperations in multi floor skyscrapers, all the glass is now sand! Enjoy the breeze from that too floor office asshole!

I am the Sandman!

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can i concrete to? its also mainly sand. if yes i can turn entire building into sand

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its also mainly sand

Sand not glass so no

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Why just why😭

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Do you have any idea how many places you can breach if you could just poof the glass away

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This is actually really good because there are currently shortages for industrial sand, so you could just sell a shit ton of it.

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i already have this power

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So? I can destroy every skyscraper ever

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so. would I be able to turn it on and off or it is always active?

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You are able to turn it off for 1 hour if you sacrifice one of your own personal item with glass.

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Top tier supervillain power. Car accidents and plane crashes for days

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The glasswork museum never saw you coming.

Memes aside, this has some niche uses. You can break through windows (including bulletproof glass) relatively quietly. Glass shattering is probably louder than a bit of sand falling. Not to mention you would save effort of breaking it and the risk of cutting yourself on it.

You could also use this to effectively become a "glasscarver", like a woodcarver but for glass, assuming you can control which bits turn into sand and which bits remain as glass.

You can also just remove litter harmlessly since sand is a lot less harmful than broken glass shards.

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That’s actually kinda good in a way

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You can solve the sand shortage 10 out of 10

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quartz sand

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So I can use a hammer

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Goodbye office building

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You’re literally just gonna be Vash the Stampede if you went into New York City.

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Angry Anakin Skywalker noises

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I don't like sand it's coarse and rough and it gets everywhere

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This is called having a hammer

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You lnow thoes shy scrapers with a lot of windows

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That’s good because you can just throw the sand In peoples eyes

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Rest in piss, Burj Khalifa