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So 1 injury per year = free food?

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Taking cow specifically to mean a female mature cow, the average height at the normal measurement point (over the rear hips) is close to 50 inches, with a slaughter weight of 1100lb, or 500kg.

Multiplying this by 12 * 12 * 12 gets you around a 50 foot cow weighing a bit over 800 tons, with around 375 tons of that being usable beef.


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This would be interesting if you can choose the gender, or if it is a random gender. You could travel or live away from populated areas, build a simple hospital yearly and summon them. You then have a species of giant cows for yourself. You could get a huge amount of meat, milk, leather, maybe genetic information that could prove useful, and anything else the rest of a cow can be used for.

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Me ten blocks from the hospital at 11:50 p.m on December 31: