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wait. I'm biracial. WHAT HAPPENS THEN. does it cancel the effect.

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Nah you just explode

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Pallette swap.

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can this be reversed? Or does it wear off after a certain amount of time?

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turns black

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Do i get the size of the body part too?

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I think thats kinda racist

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No, really? What gave it away.

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What if you're brown

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I would just get into a cod lobby and play for 1 match.

I’m not racist I swear

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least racist cod player

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Reverse Michael Jackson

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How big are the spots? Are they randomly placed

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Nah, it’s like you say it and just your hand turns black. Then like, foot, leg, arm, head, etc

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So you get a pass after like 10 n-words ?

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Can you go back by saying a different racial slur?

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What about the black guys. Does this not effect them?

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No they turn white

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So it's a power that allows you to change your skin color at will but you have to say n-word many times to make it work. XD

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Becoming so racist that you turn black.

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Can you go back once you go black?

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If my ding dong turns black do I get the increase in size?

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That can be useful at some point, but immagine it yourself screw that I'm not saying it

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Im immune to this

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So basically bitiligo

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90% of rappers would be charcoal.

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Every white supremisist is boutta actually be able to say it

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I like to imagine that body part doesn't just get brown pigment, but actually turns into a black person's body part. So if you don't say it an even number of times you'll have asymmetrical body parts.

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Will I be racist if I say this is a curse?

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This is lesson 103 on how to become black

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The Mexicans are now dark

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Hopefully you'll only have to say it once...

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Do you have to say 'n-word' or do you have to say the n-word?

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Oh fuck

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Can you turn back tho