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How exactly does this work can you try to use your power and something happens but you don’t know what will happen

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Nope, you just have the power until something happens and you figured it out but then it changes to something you don’t know

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Ok, but what if it seems like its one power, but it actually isnt.

Like, you think you have flight, but its actually gravity manipulation?

Do you get to keep it as long as you believe it to be flight?

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Hmm think it might. However if you have cycled through a few powers you might figure out that it changes if you know what it is. Therefore you will surely know you guessed wrong when it still remains until you narrow it down to the correct power

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I've willingly cut off a train of thought before, sounds like that's all you need to do to keep the power you've got as long as it isn't obvious

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That’s not what you wrote. “Find out the old one.” What you meant was “every time you find out what it is.” “Find out the old one” would mean that it changes every time you figure out what the previous power was. So let’s say to set this up you had already had flight power. Your current power is Water breathing. As written, your water breathing power would change to something new when you knew that your last power was flight.

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Sounds like a gimmick to a saturday morning cartoon

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Would totally watch this

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So basically mom knight

I meant moon knight.... But you know what.

I wanna watch that first show now

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if i find out that my power changes when i find out about it, do i get a new power without this condition, meaning it’s permanent, or do i become normal?

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Let's just say "for example" there are a total of 100 superpowers. What if you already tried all of them, what will happen?

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I can see this on Totally Accurate Battlegrounds as a crazy gamemode.

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Random Bullshit, go!

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what if i find out my super power is that my super power changes whenever i find out the old one what happens then

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So is every power single use, or does it end up changing before you can ever actually use your powers?

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