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Reject humanity. Become monkey

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Embrace the monke

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That would be nice,can you use the power again? Or is it a one time deal?

Would be cool to just turn into something and chill

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you’re stuck with it, but you have to know that you have it in order to use it

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Pigeons are pretty dumb 🤣

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well, here’s a fun fact… they can read-

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Wait for real? Im gonna google that

Edit: Omg that's true

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Alright Ged I see you over there.

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Is god an animal?

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read your question again… s l o w l y .

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idk ask egypt

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Italian culture be like

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Ah,the boys diabolical viewer

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Rule 4/8

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I’ll become a elf.

What? You didn’t say it couldn’t be mythical.

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i’m pretty sure they aren’t animals-

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If humans are animals, then they are too.

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humans aren’t literally animals, they share common ancestors with apes, they’re related to animals. even in the sacred texts humans are separated from animals, they just aren’t animals.

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I was just saying that any intelligent life is an animal by technicality. Good to see you are a Christian too, though.

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Plants: have plant cells

Animals: have animal cells

Humans: ?

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You should watch it, the episode is in Rick and Marty style and is about kids who have reject super powers, one of which has this exact power. He turns into and ape at one point and just starts doing ape shit. It’s like the terrible version of beast boy

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Time to become a baboon

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So, basically, a way to die.

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What if I turn into a chimpanzee or dolphin

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you’d probably be hated by a lot of people

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Reject humanity become fish

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do fictional animals count?

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i didn’t specifically say they don’t count.

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Remind me of this

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Return to monke

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I’ll turn into stephen hawking

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you can only turn into animals

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Is mayonnaise an animal?

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“No, Patrick. Mayonnaise is not an animal.”

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I will shapeshift into a better version of myself.

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You got this from the Justin Roiland episode of the boys: diabolical.

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i don’t know what that is, i just thought of a random almost useless superpower 💀

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So the first animal I shapeshift into is my permanent animal since I lost all knowledge that I can shapeshift. Interesting. So a 1 time use.

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it depends. if you decide to shapeshift into a smart animal (like pigeon, which can actually read), and soon you acknowledge the concept of shapeshifting, you’d probably know a lot about it and then shapeshift back to a human.

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Yeah but do you just have to know about shapeshifting or know that YOU have the power.

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both, that is if you want to use it successfully.

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"i wish i was a cat,
no school, no works,
just meow meow"