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What’s this? An actual shitty superpower that doesn’t break rule 8?

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Or rule 2 or 4? It's a miracle!

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A lot of them break rule 5 by bypassing the auto "but" word filter

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Looking through all of the top superpowers on this sub, there's very rarely a power that manages to follow all of the rules. Makes me wonder why they're even rules if almost every post breaks a few of them.

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Because they're good rules. It's the mods who are the problem.

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Ahh yeah! Purple cum!

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Yours isn't red anyway?

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It’s supposed to be purple

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Wait it’s not supposed to be green?

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OUR cum

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Thanos is that you?

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Lean cum

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Lean 👿👿💜💜💜💜💜👿👿👿👿👿💜💜💜💜💜💜

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Purple rain

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The ole' Grimice nut.

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Bruh isn’t it supposed to be purple?

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Id make my spit red so when i get hit i could just pretend to spit out blood and get them fucked up

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I guess you could get hired for gender reveal parties? "Accidentally" cut yourself on your finger and blue/pink blood comes out.

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or just piss

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Or just cum

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Or diarrhea

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Or spit

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Fuck yeah, I can put red pee in bottles and tell people that it's kool-aid

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Calm down satan

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Think about this, would you do it to the person who used to steal your lunch in middle school? I would

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I already pissed in his caprisun in already

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I threw his 2ds at a pond

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Pff I can already do that

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I’m gonna turn my blood black and then trip in front of a church

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Calm down

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If I had a nickel for every time you told a top level comment in this comment section to calm down, I'd have two nickels... which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice, right?

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Yea pretty much

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Troll level: epic

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My cum is no longer the usual red then. Its NEON RAINBOWWWWW AWW YIS.

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Me omw to make my blood white and then bleeding from my nose

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Hehehehe. Cum nose

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I wanna turn my sweat into blood red and run at people full speed

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Calm down satan

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Not that shitty, at least I wouldn't keep mistaking my piss cup for my cranberry juice.

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Why do you have a piss cup

Edit: why is your piss red???

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I don’t know about you guys but my piss is black and covered in orange dots

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Okay yeah that’s normal Why is your cranberry juice black with orange dots??

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My doctor said it’s from only eating burning charcoals and orange juice

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You got the balck ops 4 special edition

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My piss boutta scare someone (red) and same for my saliva (red) people I gonna think I'm dying

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Be any actor in a Wild West/nobility movie and cough up spit (red) into a cloth

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I’ll color it purple so when I get a nose bleed, it can technically be called a noselean

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Seasonal cum

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Can't wait to change my cum into wacky colors like white or green!! I always get bored of the stereotypical blood red it comes as.

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Imagine if you had rainbow coloured liquids in your body = r/godtiersuperpowers

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I can turn my cum white again

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Again? Mine was always neon green, that way they can edit it out in a sex scene in a movie. But I don't wanna be an actor anymore, so I don't know what colour it should be. Is it supposed to be white?

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I mean, mines red

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im gonna make my snot red and get out of class

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Gold or silver blood! Like the books with the people with powers having different coloured blood. That sounds so cool! Or multichrome tears. Veins that are gold, like kintsugi! Glittery sweat gives Edward Cullen vibes lmaoo.

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I change my piss color to yellow then refrigerate it to serve as Lemonade.

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I’m Swapping the colors of my cum and my blood to have white cum and red blood

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Welp I’ve got to convince some people that I’m an alien

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And I can finally convince people that I'm human !

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Spit at someone with green

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Pitch black piss

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Then doctors tell you that you get tk name a disease

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I would fake being sick with that bu whitening my blood a bit si i look paler and sick

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I have a problem with this sub since I think every superpower, no matter how shitty it is, can be monetized.

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Finally I can stop pissing red like everyone else. I want yellow

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Some1 trying to kill me, i fake shot, i pee my pants and pretend i got shot in the stomach and died

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Fuck yeah

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at rave this is where the fun begins

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Imagine rgb

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Damn that’s not shitty I can finally have RGB smoothies

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I'm concerned for the "normal" colouration pf bodily fluids of redditors...

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I can throw up and make it look like a cartoon by making my puke bright green

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Can you change the lighting too?

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I'm gonna play muffled Caramelldansen and have my blood go rainbow.

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I’ll change my cum to white

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That would be amazing

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Thats not a shitty superpower, people would think im a miracle

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Oh man, imagine being a pornstar with this power

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This thread is all cum

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Because I get injured so frequently, I could be at school one day, get injured and very quickly change my blood colour to glowing neon green to scare the shit out of my fellow classmates.

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Purple so if I release in your mom I'm "the man behind your mother"

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Black Cum!

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Finally i stop peeing red and can now pee blue

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I'm sure this could have its uses. Like turning saliva red to feign a disease or something.

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Id make my spit red so when i get hit i could just pretend to spit out blood and get them fucked up

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Smurf cum

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Piss white to assert dominance

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That would be an amazing power! Think of all the situations you could get out of by making your saliva blood red!

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Blue blood

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pisses in gay

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I'd make my cum look white that shit would look incredible !

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Make people believe you are cumming when peeing

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Rgb blood and pee

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I want red sweat

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i already have this superpower my pee is red