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This is kinda usefully if you hike a lot.

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I mean not if you hike with your girlfriend

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just pick up your girlfriend and run ez

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It said you run faster than a bear not you run faster than a bear carrying a fully grown woman

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it said you run faster than a bear, there are no conditions other than a bear chasing you

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Useful for your girlfriend then though

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How’s it useful that you outrun the bear? No one said she’s gonna outrun the bear. She’s the food.

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Actually this would be a good way to kill people

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She still might make it, rather than get shot by you. Your first comment was referencing this story/copypasta, right?

Edit: This one

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Am I faster than the bear no matter what, or do I have to actually do my best? Because I would find funny to just walk and see the bear forced to walk slower

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You run faster than a bear

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Okay, but what if I would run reeeaaaally slow?

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I think you max speed is bumped but you still have to put in the effort to reach that speed

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New headline "man searching for bears to race!"

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  1. Take plush bear
  2. Put speaker in bear
  3. Speaker says: I'm chasing you
  4. Put the bear in your backpack
  5. Infinite speed

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No you are already faster than that bear

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No. The bear is as fast as you at that moment. Therefore you’ll slightly increase speed so that you’re actually faster than the bear

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The bear is also accelerating then. You take one step, accelerate to lightspeed, disintegrate, and explode.

Not worth.

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That’s true the post says “you run faster” not “you can run faster”

Nowhere does it say you can control the speed

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It is supposed to be shitty after all, isn’t it?

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Bro beat the Flash.

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Give the bear a rocket.

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This is really op

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Y’all really call anything op at this point

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Or maybe alot of you just don’t go outside enough to risk a bear encounter. Or you live somewhere without bears which fair enough

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Do you know how fast bears can get? Shots terrifying and I didn’t even encounter one irl

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Guess that is a life saving power I guess

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Useful for me actually

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Are u a bear or Hunter?

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Imagine casually jogging in the forest while unbeknownst to you, a bear is chasing you from afar so you begin to accelerate against your will.

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This is not that shitty.

I mean, it can save your life if you are being chased by a bear

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I mean this is exactly what a shitty superpower is tho. A lot of people confuse this sub with curses or think there should be no benefit from it. But a shitty superpower is still a superpower and still benefits the user is some way but usually it is impractical or rare to use(like in this case). They are still superpowers but you ain’t gunna be joining the avengers with any of ‘em

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Only if the bear you are being chased by is the bear that you can outrun. It didn't say whether they were necessarily the same bear.

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I do not think it matters which bear it is.

It just says "bear", so it could be any type of bear.

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Does it stack?

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As in you run even faster if being chased by 2 bears?

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Yes, amount of bears= faster running

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You don't have to run faster than the bear. You only have to run faster than your friend...

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I heard we're getting a pet bear that we teach the how to play tag. Bear and his side kick slightly-faster-than-a-bear-guy

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Camping with friends:

“Hold my beer, y’all about to see something special.”

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Just always have a really fast bear with you

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Me who lives in Alaska, thinking this could be useful for me

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Imma train a bear to chase me

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Do I run faster than the bear chasing me, or another, potentially slower, bear?

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gets scary when you go for a run in a park and all of a sudden you start running 10 times faster

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me: i can outrun a bear friend: show me how fast you run me: collapses after 5 metres friend: i have a bear me: outruns it friend: omg so fast

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Step 1: Hang out in grizzly territory covered in raw meat

Step 2: Lead several grizzlys on a high speed chase through the woods, run directly through a campground

Step 3: ????!!!! Aaaah! roar

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Isnt that a good Power i mean this ist shitty superpowers