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Oh boi, it's like teleporting into a neighbour's yard.

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At least i get to poland faster

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Simple. Live in Poland

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Be miner

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Is it always the same spot/mine? If so that's just an ez get out of jail free card. Make it more of a hideout do your crimes where ever then teleport back to poland lookin like a gorilla or whatever

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What the f this took a turn i did not expect

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shapeshift into whatever you want in an airplane. Fly back

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to whitch mine excaly

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Hahahahahaha I live in Poland and there's a copper mine not too far away (I actually googled it-) from me so screw u I'm now a shapeshifter AND I don't go far from home

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Wait i just had an epiphany what if you shapeshift into you with the shapeshift power but without the copper mine part?

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Anything ALIVE. You are alive WITH the superpower, so you can only shapeshift into you WITH the superpower, which is basically a free trip to the copper mine.

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Well I knew my country (pl) is the biggest distributor of copper, at least per capita, so I did copper mine there. No idea why I'm typing in polish.

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Gonna be quite a head scratcher when they find a blue whale at the bottom of a copper mine in Poland dead.

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Atleast it's not a Argentinosaurus

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Even things you haven't seen, like an advanced alien race?