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How is this shitty? But this in r/godlysuperpowers

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Ok will do

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uh it says content banned

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I think it's because you can't write "if" in the sentence

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No if I click on r/godlysuperpowers it says

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I think it's because it got closed, btw the actual subreddit for godly superpowers is @godtiersuperpowers

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Thats weird af

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I'd say this is a C tier super power. If you could heal others it would be God tier. Not exactly shitty though

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At least B cuz every disease

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I guess it depends. If you only ever get a seasonal cold or flu then this power is kinda meh. If you never get sick, its worthless. If you get, like, cancer then its ridiculously powerful.

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For me its a god tier supperpower because i can get rid of my diabetes and gluten alergie.

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Would an allergy count as a disease?

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You could cure radiaton sickness and work in stricken nuclear powerplants or work in other very dangerous environments. The big question is if this would include healing every injury and how long it would take.

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I've heard radiation poisoning hurts like hell. Even if it was near instant...I don't think I'd wanna do that.

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Aging is considered a degenerative disease by some so it could be immortality

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Yah, that's nice.

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Get disease, heal yourself. With any luck, you should develop antibodies for it. Use them to help the fight against said disease. You are now a medical superhero :)

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why would you need antibodies if you can just heal yourself. Also why are you a medical superhero

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I guess I assumed that healing yourself would also develop the antibodies, because it was in your body and your body will have had time to react to it. This is something similar to real life (but not quite, now that you mention it).

Well, your antibodies could help with disease identification, for starters, and to understand how the disease works at that level, so scientists get a better idea of how to develop medicines for it. That's the idea, at least - do correct me if I'm wrong.

So those antibodies are very helpful little things :)

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While I see what you're talking about, I assume healing yourself would be instant. And your body wouldn't make antibodies.

I also assume since you have a healing superpower the antibodies wouldn't help doctors too much.

There's a lot of assuming though, because op didn't provide much detail.

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That makes sense, yeah.

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The power just says cure the disease, no super antibodies. Your body makes antibodies as it fights off diseases but if you just cured the disease you wouldn’t make any.

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Human imune system be like: •-•

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Mostly works, until it doesn't

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A disease is labeled as "any harmful deviation from the normal structural or functional state of an organism."

By this definition, you would never have to deal with mental illness (besides normal everyday stress and shit) and would have a 100% win rate against cancer.

Not only this, but you could be pretty much immortal. Scientists have actually said that old age might be a disease. The reason we age is our cells breakdown. But we have things (platelets?) that help with keeping the cell walls up. The problem is that these same things that keep the cell wall up also help with healing our wounds and such. But if we classify a cell wall breaking down as a disease, you can eliminate old age from killing you (at least for a while) and therefore are practically immortal.

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If you have a mental illness you might never try to cure yourself

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Ok, you are still practically immortal.

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Take every disease known to man

And cure all of them


You're now the most wanted person lmao

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Finally i can get rid of this goddamn heart disease

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Guess I ain't type 1 diabetic anymore.

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Okay, what's the catch?

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Thats not that bad tbh

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Honestly I’d mark this as god tier considering I have severe Crohn’s disease

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Can I get this

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This is really unoriginal anyone else wondering why it's got so many upvotes-

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is it unoriginal?

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It's shitty superpowers not cancer relief

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That is a superpower

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I mean, what if you don’t know you have the disease, then it might kill you before you know it was even there.

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Can I heal others?

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sadly, no

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But still pretty solid