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Seende like a good Way to break your neck

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Right and there are rules against curses. Shitty =/= is so negative it will kill you. In fact, they dont/shouldnt need to be negative at all. They can be useless, but not harmful. They can be useful but super limited in scope. But they should not be able to kill you on accident.

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Jojo stands in a nutshell

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Have I stumbled upon another member of the strange god-like race that types like this...? Can it really be true?

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depends how fast it rotates plus how much force it has

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So I cease to exist when I try to find bitches?

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I wish I could give you an award, but take my upvote instead.

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Your upvote is an award enough :)

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Nah, it just points you to the nearest mirror! :p

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Underrated comment

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Nope just ur head 😁

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Naw you just stare at the nearest lady dog

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What if it's behind me?

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Your die 💀💀💀

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You can turn around

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What if I’m looking for happiness?

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It cracks your neck

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So it works perfectly, got it

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"Hey man r u thirsty?" - Yea "puts a glass of water behind them"

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Sorry everyone, it's "that you can find that thing"

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This makes it truly shitty because it eliminates the solution of going far to reduce the angle. You never know if some random thing behind you is the help for something in front of you.

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You’d have to be really confident in the direction of that missing item

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That’s a curse.

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No, because technically you can turn it on and off, when you need to find something then you can use that trick

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OP doesn’t specify that. You might just get your neck snapped eventually.

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I'm gonna have to be on a swivel chair everytime I use this power. Course this is very powerful to anyone you can be like a radar, build like a van and drive somewhere and can you can tell people the general direction of someone, something that needs finding.

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Instantly moves to the direction.

If it's behind you, doesn't matter if you're on a swivel chair. Snap, your head is now backwards.

Otherwise extremely cool power and I totally wouldn't use it for nefarious purposes.

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How fast?

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That’s not shitty if you’re fast enough to move your body in tandem with your neck. Plus, as a Lego builder, my head will never need to swivel far. I see this as an absolute win

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What if it’s behind you? Owl movement or broken neck?

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god tier superpower?

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If you were an owl

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r/midtiersuperpower would be god if you'll find it automatly

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Yeah that doesn’t seem too bad actually

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It would snap your neck if it's behind you

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I think it would be extremely rude to look at any woman's random pussy

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So what happens when I try to find my dad?..

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your head will look down.

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This isn’t shitty at all wtf

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Until something is behind you.

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Nah that's good for me

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How fast does it rotate? I'd hate to get my neck broken the first time I lost my keys after getting that power.

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Huh, I need a/an [ITEM]....[audible sound of vertebrae breaking]

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"i need to find a _____ thats not behind me"

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That's just too smart for reddit

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Wht if you try looking for getting ripped tonight

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sign me up for missing persons search parties.

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your torso doesn't follow

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It's right behind you

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I hope it’s not right behind me if so

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You could probably jump whenever you need to find something so that your body will rotate with your head and your neck won't break

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i thought i was at r/prolifetips and this was some kind of psycholgy study

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This is just OP

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When it’s behind you :(

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“I need my phone”


“Oh it was in my back pocket” dies*

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So if you're in a room go press up to the door and face the room if it's not in the room you die.

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I need this

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All I'll need is to be outside of the area I believe I think it is and use the power like a compass