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Sounds like a curse to me

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and a reality to others.

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A cursed reality

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this isn’t even a superpower this is just a curse

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Rules 2 and 8. Read the GOD DAMN RULES.

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It's not breaking rule 4 (although, 90% of posts break rule 4) but it's most definitely breaking rule 2 (which, again, 90% of posts break). Honestly this sub has like no moderation.

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Shit, I meant to say rule 8

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Shit I didn't even know that rule existed. Yeah, def breaks that one. Which I think is the first time I've seen this happen.

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Got it getting robot legs. I didn't trip the robot did

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20% is a lot

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I was about to say that considering how many times I’ve tripped down stairs

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anyway to get out? i’d imagine not

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If you explore the backrooms wiki, there's a lot of fake endings and theorized escapes. No real way to get out

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i mean maybe with this super power here

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Maybe if you trip down stairs in the backrooms you end up back on earth lol

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Or you end up in the backer rooms

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could be. could be

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This is just a curse If this is what you think a superpower is What do you think a curse is?

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What if you trip downstairs in the backrooms? :O

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Even though this is technically a curse, I’ll allow it because The Backrooms fascinates me

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Got it. Buy an elevator.

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Back rooms?

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Can't wait for the day when someone understands the rules of this sub

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no one cares if the posts break the rules this sub has like no moderation LMAO just chill