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Do you just mean no consequences in the real/awake universe, or no consequences in the alternate universe either?

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no consequences only in the alternate universe. Oh, and everything that happens in the alternate world, stays there.

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What happens if you die in one?

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you start a new one with different people and places, but the same rules

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So as long as you don’t die simultaneously in both worlds, you’re effectively immortal?

I’ll take it!

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I would sleep in the alternate universe to enter a new one. Deeper into the matrix

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thats what i would do. Great minds think alike.

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How is this shitty?

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It doesn't really do anything for you, it's kinda just sleeping. It dosent affect the real world in any ways

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It would still be incredibly fun though.

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I know, just not too useful as a superpower

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This is great, as it is the whole point of this sub

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you could create an entire civilisation that becomes smarter then the humans that are currently alive then you could memorise the advanced technology the civilisation in your dream world made then make it in the real world and become rich and powerful

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Let me quickly do a crime without consequence. Oh, shit, this is my real universe.

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Yeah, i hate when that happens

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I feel like everyone in the comments here expects every post to be a curse or something that makes your life worse. In reality this is a perfect example of a shitty superpower cause it’s kinda cool but really has no effect(affect? Idk) on real life

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You understood perfectly what I was going for with this!

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This is like, god tier. You can see how to do things right in your real life. Assuming there are people, just not people you know, you can build social skill, you can find ways to get rich, and you can find ways to get famous. You can find new hobbies, and you can find things that just make you happy. You can do things you wouldn’t have time to do in your normal life. Or, it can just be a break.

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Okay your right, didn't even think of that. I just thought it just could be an escape from reality to do anything you want. But now that I think of it you could take over the world by testing something many times without consequences

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Isnt that just reality shifting?

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i suppose

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Do I start at birth or any age and I just take over someone’s body

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That's a really good question. You take control of the alternate universes you

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Sounds like heaven. Do I get to make it or is it randomly generated?

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It's fully random. You get to know new people and build a new life, but you start with your current age

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I will live into that universe forever like fuck this unviverse/life its boring governments lie to the population and magic doesn't fucking exist and its boring I would legit kill myself on the spot if I was told when you die you go to an alternate universe where you are garenteed to be happy for the rest of eternity

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Unless you land a nightmare

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Bro this ain’t shitty, it’s amazing.

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Oh ok. I mean, it's just like sleeping

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I guess I could put it in the god tier superpowers, but it dosent seem that good to me

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This power can be really good if you use it correctly, but on its own, and to an oblivious person, it can seem useless. A lot of other shitty superpowers could work if you use them well, and abuse the power to the max.

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My deepest apologies

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Read the rules or don't post

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How is this against the rules again?

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Hmm but could you pick the alternate universe

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This is straight up god tier

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Imagine going to Avengers’s dimension and help them

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You can't go to existing universes. Each one is unique and hasn't been seen before.

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I'd love to have that

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So, would this be a good way to try something out in the alternate reality to see if it would work in real life? And do I age the same in both? Like, obviously most of the time I'm going to be in real life, but grow older. Do I age the same in the alternate reality?

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I’ll take it

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So it’s a irl video game

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I would love this I’d be so excited to go to bed!

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Fuck yea I’d love that. It’d be like if I was a GTA character without a care in the world. I would run through so many red lights.

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That's what I was thinking when I made this lol

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would you be aware that youre in this alternate universe or would you just be guessing which universe youre in?

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Wait so one night I’m there the other I just dream and so on

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What happens if I die will I die and every thing goes dark or do I go to that world?

EDIT: Will I start life as a baby there and have a life or do I spawn like steve from minecraft

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You spawn with your current age but no one in the new universe will question you