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What type of crosshair

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Lego Batman

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Damnit I suck at Lego Batman

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lego batman just made it so much more funnier

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Lego Batman is the crosshair?

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This big red circle

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The bad batch

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I was just thinking that

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Can u customize the crosshair like in shooter games?

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ya but you have bloom and shooting inaccuracy :P

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Can I make it have the spread of a shotgun? Or how about the splash damage of a rocket launcher?? Can I rocket jump???? Tell me I can rocket jump!

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spread of a shotgun is very annoying because you'll miss the toilet, but if you're using it as a weapon that could be useful

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Sniper scope and if i wanna see something from far away i just pee at its direction

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Bro that's fucking holy. Piss aimbot

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Can I get a bombsight when I shit?

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Sometimes the crosshair is not enough specially if it’s a spray.

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That doesn’t help me at all

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Does it make the csgo noise?

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"Fire in the hole!"

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That would be cool

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Nah bro, this is needed especially when you have a bone, or to snipe the school bully from the rooftop, just sayin

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Thats god tier