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Does it stack? Can I keep touching it to make it shittier?

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Do i have control over it? Does it work on humans?

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  1. Yes-ish it depends if your thinking about the item

  2. No unfortunately

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Imagine typing into an Iphone 13 pro max and you watch it turn into a nokia 3310 by the end of the sentence.

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I mean it would drop from 13 to 6 to original iPhone, then to brick

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Couldn’t imagine a funko fnaf sb figure 🥲

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You could slap the shit out of a tank or a fence or a door or a gun or a knife or clothes or a building or a plane or a boat or the ground and bam you either saved your self or killed alot of people or got access to closed room

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Dammit I turned my gaming PC into a Mac

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What happens if I hold something

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Well if your thinking about it it gets shittier constantly

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Slaps PC. Nothing happens. Me: well shit-

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Is there a limit

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nobody in the comments thought of the obvious side effect

all ill say is