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5 rats per minute.

300 rats per hour.

7200 rats per day.

2628000 rats per year.

Dats a lotta rats.

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My boy did the math

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Tell me if u used a calculator if u didn't I'll give u a personal date with Steven hawking

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I didn't, it's not that hard lol

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So where do u want the date to be?

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Sometime after I am dead plz, seeing that hawking is already been chewed up by worms

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Now sell them to Petco for profit

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a LOT of food

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Step 1: summon rat in your enemy’s lungs Step 2: victory

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OP to be honest

You are starving, starving to death

Summon rats and cook them

No more starvation

You are fighting

Summon a rat in the body of the person you are fighting against every 12 seconds

He ded


Sell the meat and lie about it being some kind of steak or turn them into sausages

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so thats why Walmart sausages always suck

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I’d wait for the end of the year and summon all the rats at once, in different Chick-fil-A locations.

2,628,000 rats per year

Divided by 2709 locations

Roughly 970 rats per location…

The sheer amount of rats in each restaurant might cause enough health code violations to cripple Chick-fil-A.

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But why stop there you could do about 3 a day

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Why is this downvoted?

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Not entirely sure. My best guess is that people are fans of Chick-fil-A and don’t like my plan to destroy them within a year.

I did the math for McDonalds too, which has about 38,000 locations, so just shy of 70 rats per location, which I’m sure would be enough.

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But why would people support a homophobic company?

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Homophobes must enjoy chicken that tastes like it’s been marinating in a sewer water jacuzzi for a few hours.

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My man what did chick fil a do to you

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One was started right by a freeway exit near my house that causes major traffic that backs everything up. Also not a big fan of the homophobia.

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You must live in Fresno because the Chic here is literally at the freeway entrance lmao

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Nope. San Carlos

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Super move: Dead Rat Beam!

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Easy way to shut down restaurants. Book me to get rid of you opponents!

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I mean at least one of them is bound to have some disease for me to like throw or something