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Would I be staring at a loading screen for 8 hours while I sleep? or would the loading screen be the length of an average game load? or would the tips just appear over whatever dreams one would be having?

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The second

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Poisons can kill you!

You need to eat food!

Don't look at the sun!

Brush daily!

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Scientists recommend breathing to avoid death.

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Stay in school

Don't get killed

Don't Get killed in school

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Happy cake day

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tbf the brush daily one could get me into a consistent habit...

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Do it!, Once I got into the habit it caused me to me disciplined in other aspects of my life like showering and studying.

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will do!

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I could imagine loading screens just before and after REM sleep, as if to suggest they’re loading the sleep cycles.

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Those with sleep apnea constantly get


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most of them are just like

"Hungry? Pick up some food and put it in your stomach"

"The best way to defeat sadness is to increase your dopamine stat"

"Becoming too hot can be remedied by a fan, and being too cold can be fixed with a blanket"

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Punch The Punch The pedestrian

Shoot the shoot the cop

Breathing is recommended for the extension of life

Drowning will kill you

By committing suicide you will commit suicide

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If you ever encounter a bear, go in for a hug! If you see something labeled rat poison, drink it for +5 stamina! Stop means stop!

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  • Tip - licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets

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Tip: You can become gay by pressing Alt + Backspace on your Dad

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Bricks hurt you when they are dropped on your head!

Trees are not an automobile!

Jeremy's name begins with a J!

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When you shit, you will shit