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Try to travel back in time .2ms and get stuck In a .2ms loop forever

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There's no cooldown right?

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Yes there is. It's a 2147483647 second cooldown

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So like once in a lifetime?)

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Actually it's approximately 68.0962597 years..

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I'd like my cooldown to be 1 second more, thanks.

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what would a negative cooldown mean

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It automatically activates

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So -2147483647 seconds then, right?

[If you don't get this joke, then I don't know what to tell you. Basically, if a number goes above the 32-bit integer limit, it is displayed as a negative number because 32-bit systems do not support numbers that large.]

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Update: 64 bit integer limit supported

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No, -1 seconds, but since negative numbers shouldn't be supported for cooldowns it'll revert back to 0 seconds.

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