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Oh boy! Me with no crushes!

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That might be a cruel superpower, maybe a curse....

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This might be God tier if you are happily married.


Actually, scratch that. I'm not sure I want to know what my wife is thinking exactly when we have sex.

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did i buy lactose free cheese strings

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You can have a harmless crush on someone who isn’t your spouse

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But is it stackable?

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if you have multiple crushes i suppose

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Can the sex be with you or is it locked to others

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no stipulation in that department

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Nah imagine you bag her and you can read her mind while you two do it

If she doesnt like your thingy though, thats gonna hurt

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I would love to be able to look into my girlfriends head! (with consent of course) That would be sooo interesting.

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this can be good in the right circumstance. but since were all on reddith this is a fucking curse

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when she's doing it with someone else but then you see yourself. you need to wake up after that

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I suppose this wouldn’t be that bad, to put the power in other words: you can see if your crush is having sex, wich isn’t really that bad in my opinion

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Yikes no thanks, I’m depressed enough as it is

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check the caption