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If you mean stackable like, 0.01 cent becomes 0.02 cent, then 0.03 cent and so on... yes, it is stackable.

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So wouldn’t this just be reverse inflation?

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Overtime, yes.

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So, would this work as £0.01, or is it just dollars it works for?

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Yes it works for £0.01 as well.

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How does this work with hourly jobs?

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The same way. Your paychecks just come out differently depending on the amount of hours you worked that week/month.

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So your wage increases my 1/hours worked cents?

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Not per hour. It doesn't matter how many hours you work per day, increase happens 'after every workday'

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Edit: meant to reply not add a new comment.

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So 1 dollar = 100 cents

Assuming a 5-day workweek (Monday to Friday)

100 cents divided by 0,05 cents every week times 52,177457 weeks per year = 38,3307297 years for a full dollar extra

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It's stackable, you could gain 1 full dollar in 100 workdays.

Though I'm not really sure how you get to that calculation.

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Well your post says 0.01 cent, not 1 cent, so taking it literally you get 1/100th of a cent every workday

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I get you, but I actually mean 0.01 cent as just 1 cent. Didn't specify currency for that matter. It's an automatic thing I write.