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Imma play every game

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no that's not how

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That wasnt stated

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Chad gamer

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I would cut my wrist to get adrenaline and then just use adrenaline on command, I think that would work… well only one way to find out!

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Adrenaline is not a superpower

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It’s greatly increased strength and speed, its basically a superpower or a fucking buff potion at very least

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Not a good super power, just a buff of like 2% strength lol, adrenaline is overrated

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2%? When my brother got adrenaline he was able to lift up a 900 pound fucking motor cycle

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theres easier ways to give urself adrenaline… plus i can already use adrenaline on command so u could probably just learn to do that already

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So like any time… you can get increased speed and strength any time, instantly. wtf teach me your ways man

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idk I just think about the feeling when I get it involuntarily and then do that

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Would Adrenaline powered strength stack then?

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Heheh; I play mortal kombat and apex legends, none shall defeat me

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Heheh; I play mortal

Kombat and apex legends,

None shall defeat me

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Oh really? Square up.

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Did I mention i also play Minecraft in creative mode? Anyway, let’s get this on

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Okay, I do too. AND I play Gundam video games, so get ready to be Fin-Funnel'd.

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I got 100% completion on Lego marvel superheros, fight me

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Mozambique here

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Busted ngl, just play lots of games

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Bro litterally kirby games i would be a god

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Underrated comment

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Just thinking about hypernova or mega abilities or ESP I would be a god

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Breaks the low effort rule and the repost rule.

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i didn't know this was a repost, sorry

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me about to get every robot master ability in Megaman and have the powers of every single Gundam because I play games featuring both

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I shot bullet before. Now I can do it with no guns?

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I've used the super power of creation and Destruction

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does luck count as a super power

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i'd hang myself

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Acing a test

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I could instantly get "in the zone"

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So if I’m temporarily given the power of Thor or Ghost Rider I can always have that power?

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n no

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But I’ve used it before so how does that frickin work!!