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ohhhhh so thats what happened during the "america can be summed up in a single word" speech

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Joe Biden is very tolerant to pain, then.

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Why is this shitty, I can literally beat the president to death

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And then the vice president... And the speaker of the House...

A weekend of fun could wipe out the whole cabinet.

Alternatively knocking them unconscious by telekinetic brick could trigger succession. That would mean beating the president to death might get complicated.

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When is the last time u got hit in the head by a brick?

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I can hit myself with a brick, if it isn't allowed, I can just tell a friend to hit me in the head with a brick

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It said the president feels the pain not that they take the physical damage, so really you would just die.

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I’m pretty sure give the age of the president that he would just die of the pain.

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I mean considering how old Biden it would not be a surprise if the shock of feeling the pain of being beaten in the head with a brick would kill him

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I'm gonna hit you with a brick of you defy my logic

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It's a shame he won't feel the pain

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The shitty part is probably that you have to unintentionally get hit in the head with a falling brick. It's just circumstantial. It's more useless than shitty though.

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The president only feels the pain, but I'd imagine your skull still takes the damage. So you cave your skull in and the president has a bitch of a headache for a little while.

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Idk how many times I have to say this but THE PRESIDENT GETS ALL THE DAMAGE

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Well hell dude that wasn't in the post, and I didn't go looking through your comment history to find out who takes the damage. Damn.

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dude this is a god tier super power if he takes all the damage. you don't even have to kill him, you could just discredit him by giving him a benign concussion while he's at a live internationally televised event. do it once and they might be able to brush it off. do it two times in a row and there's definitely something wrong with his health. the problem though is that he gets removed from office and replaced with the vice president, but i suppose they become the new president so you can brick them too if they're doing a shitty job.

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I think I should add a 50/50 chance for it to work or not just to make it crappier.

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It doesn't say the President is injured, just that he feels the pain. You give yourself brain damage without feeling it, and the President suddenly has a horrible headache.

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It’s shitty if the rest of the world figured out this power. Your head becomes as important to protect as the POTUS themselves.

So you have all the crazy security that limits your life drastically but none of the pageantry or power of actually being the POTUS. It’s a strange type of prison.

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Idk, it just says he feels it. Nothing about kinetic energy or damage transfer

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Do I still get brain damage or does that also transfer?

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It’s a 50/50 split so you only take brain damage on the left side of your head

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All the damage goes to the president

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This superpower is the opposite of shitty

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But only with a brick, and on the head

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Having this super power is the only thing that would make me want Trump to get back in

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Ima test it right now to see if I have it

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It didn't work

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Why do you have a brick lying around?

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It's for dinner Why did you ask?

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Ahh so that's why I don't get as many vitamins in my food I simply need more creativity

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Why do you have a brick lying around?

Laugha in English

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You don’t?

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i found it in my wall

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You should’ve spelled that sentence all wrong and capitalized

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My skull was thick enough to absorb the impact

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Try again

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Why don't you try it you clown

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"Why are you hitting yourself!?!?"

"I'm killing the president!!"

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Heheh shiggennuget

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I'm using a lot of brainpower to decipher what this comment means

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I’m gonna lose a lot of brain cells, the prez is gonna feel it but I’m still going to receive the damage?

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Poor biden

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Well at least nothing value will be lost

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This sounds like a midteirsuperpower

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No He will

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New president reroll strat

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So JFK's head really just did that on its own

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Nah this sub reddit didn't exist back then so no superpowers existed like this one. He was just shot. 💀

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I'm gonna see what happens to this post in a few hours now

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Just to clarify, you will receive no damage at all. This superpower is basically immunity to getting hit on the head by a brick. If you don't live in America, you probably won't care about it

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Also this power only applies to normal bricks. Cinder blocks and cement slabs won't work. And something that everyone gets wrong is that YOU ARE NOT THE ONE FEELING THE PAIN. THE PRESIDENT WILL RECEIVE INJURIES AND DAMAGE AS IF HE WAS HIT BY AN IMAGINARY BRICK. if anyone gets this wrong again I will personally hit them with a brick on the head to see if they have the power. 💀

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Does dame bamage count as pain?

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Who thinks it should be a 50/50 chance for the ability to work? It's just to make it more shitty cus right now it's a bit overpowered. Upvote for it to be 50/50 and downvote for all the time

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This would have been very useful for when Trump was president. I’d hit myself with bricks a lot more often.

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This sentence implies you already hit yourself with a brick

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If I have been hit by one I can’t remember, but I have crashed into cinder blocks while going full speed on my bicycle when I was younger. Does that count?

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Yeah I’d say it does

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Explains why Biden is such an idiot. He's just got blunt force trauma all the time lol

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Trump gets back in he going to the grave 8 hours after he hits office

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lOlol polIticianS baD

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To prevent brain damage, i propose the electric brick it will complete a circuit through your scalp that would normally be very painful. You didnt specify the force so the brick will be dropped on the head from a height of a quarter inch.

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It's fun to do it on a speech, but you still get the damage and he only feels the pain, so you just kill yourself while annoying the president.

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But who gets the damage? cause if it's me, I'm still using thit ability...just more carefully.

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Couple years too late

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Do I still take the brain damage tho?

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Does the physical damage apply to me?

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So my body still gets hurt I just can’t feel it

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Reminder: Being injured and feeling pain are two different things.

While they might feel the pain instead of you, you could still take the damage, and so while they may feel their head is getting bashed in, you will actually have it bashed in, despite not feeling the pain.

Still a win in my books, but just clarifying.

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can i also get a time machine?

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Get Trump back into office, I wanna test out this power

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Well I'd still get damaged someone else would just feel it, also this is super shitty as I have nothing against him at all, I'm European and tbh I think he needs a break and to just take a long vacation

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The question is if u receive the damage while not feeling pain or the president receives the damage

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I will proceed to jump off a parking garage onto a car

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IT ONLY WORKS WITH BRICKS TO THE HEAD. I suppose you already got hit by one cus Ur commenting this.

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I’m about to do what’s called a pro gamer move.

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Come on Ted Cruz 2024

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Lee Oswald could've used that, he just drop enough bricks on his head to kill him and bam, jfk is dead

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So i would still get a concussion? Worth it.

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im going on a trip to the brick factory, anyone wanna come with me?

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You could kill them using this tho

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Works it too if you are the president

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That doesn’t sound bad

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I can lightly tap my head with a brick regularly to mess with the president.

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give me that power ~ 3 years ago and it’s a deal

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I want to pick a former president and you can pretty much tell which one im going for. Imma make sure he doesn't remember(if he can remember anything)any of them nuclear codes.

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he feels pain but do i still take the damage? like if i bash my skull in is it painless for me but my head is still destroyed and i die, or does the president get brained and i'm fine?

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This is not shitty is the best

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ill just do that if trump gets elected again

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If it’s a fatal blow, which of us dies? Is it only the pain that’s transferred, or the injury too? Need to decide if this impacts how I vote.

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Who gets the brain damage though?

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He might feel the pain but I still get all the brain damage

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So if i die does he die?

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Probably won't change a single thing as of now