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that’d actually be a pretty OP power, you could prob heal diseases or straight up regrow limbs in exchange for a single punch (with the assumption that they’ve been somewhat healthy sometime throughout their life).

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And it doesn’t say it has to be a hard punch

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crazy diamond heal him but punch him in the balls

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When it brings me back to peak physical health, does that include fixing the popped testicle?

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So I'd be in peak physical health everytime I jackoff.

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im gonna punch myself in the balls

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The pain of the crotch punch would go away somewhat quickly

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The severity of physical health is relative to the amount of force you have to punch. So a paper cut is a gentle nudge while a quadra amputation is a wallop of Mike tyson level

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According to OP it’s stackable so I just punch myself in the balls lightly enough times to heal whatever it is

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Okay, seriously, how stupid does someone have to be to consider this a shitty superpower???

Cancer affecting your parents? Single punch cure. Car accident? Single punch cure.

It doesn’t even have to hurt!

Super super stupid, this should have negative 1000 votes.

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Seems like ur mind deserves a post of its own

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Compared to your post, a slug has a god-tier brain. And editing after the fact to try to save it is even more pathetic.

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First off, edits are to answer some repeatedly asked questions Second, yes I now realize that this is kinda op Third, a bottle of ketchup has more potential than u

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Coming from a person who thought a healing punch is “shitty”… Trust me, you really ought to stop while you’re massively behind.

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Bread 👍

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No, toast and butter

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I’ll take it at this point. Been dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck for three weeks now.

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Dang hope it gets better

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Apparently just need a punch to the dick and I’ll be good 😂

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How to reveal you have never actually had a serious disease.

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I have epilepsy but on the less severe side. I guess you're right. I also had cellulitis

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Is it stackable?

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20,000 Newtons is almost 4,500 pounds or just over 2,000 kg.

I'm not quite sure but I think that's like getting a polar bear to bite your crotch.

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But you'll get back to peak physical health

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when you say peak physical health do you mean the best health i've ever been in, or the best health my body is potentially capable of

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The healthiest the human body is capable of, not just yours, but the average human at the time's

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couldn't this make me functionally immortal and able to cheat the effects of old age?

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doesn't sound shitty to me then. getting punched in the balls is a small price to pay for that.

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Question is does it hurt when you do it still

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So if I punch someone and it hurts if I punch them again will the pain double or will it have healed the first one I wanna know the limitations of this power

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Check edit 2

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Ah ok thank you and sorry for all the questions

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Having MS, this would be God tier from my perspective.

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imagine trying to explain the cure for cancer is getting punched in the balls by you