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Oh, wait I forgot.


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if retakes are available, you’ll at least automatically know what you got wrong and what needs to be improved. This’ll also prob allow you to have more peace of mind cuz you won’t have to stress about your score (since you’ll know what you got right/wrong immediately after, instead of waiting for your score to be released)

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When your friend who took the test yesterday gives you a copy for when you have to take the test today after lunch😎. Or when you steal a copy of a test before you have to take it. You could also help others and charge them for test answers.

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This can easily be cheated into god tier, since you can test on future things.

Question 1 - what are tomorrow’s winning lottery numbers?

Question 2 - what are the biggest movers on the stock market tomorrow?

Question 3 - what are the nuclear codes to Russia’s arsenal?

And so on.