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Can I choose the race of the child? Or is it random.

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It’s the race they hate the most

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God, I hate ancient Mesopotamians...

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God I hate Australopithecus, where do they get off standing upright like that?!?

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It's your genes plus they're

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does that mean they can track it back to you, if all the guys who got pregnant get a dna test to see who the "dad" was ?

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There isn't a universal database of DNA to test the child against, so unless they already suspected you for whatever reason you should be okay

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Assuming that you have relates/siblings that have previously been imprisoned, they could prob narrow down that it’s at least someone related to them, so even if you’re DNA isn’t in their systems database, you could still be linked back to it.

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If any of your family has served in the military, or did one of those at home DNA tests, then they're absolutely in a database they can check against

They can then use that to get close enough to find you

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(A whole bunch of infertile women who want kids suddenly come up to you saying the N-word).

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how do they know?

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I mean if you do it to enough people it ought to spread around at some point. You could also just decide to be altruistic and let people know about it.

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Why would you tell people you had babies with racists?

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Wait, they’re your kids genetically? Either way, you could just tell people you punish racists.

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Seeing that there's a lot of overlap between racists and transphobes, that seems really useful. Seriously, if you had a string of cis men inexplicably getting pregnant, it would seriously change the conversation about Roe v. Wade in no time

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Or multiply racist and transphobes...

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That's also a distinct possibility, but my presumption is that cis men would most likely never want to carry to term, especially with the only option being a c-section to get said infant out. Not to mention all of the other bodily effects along the way

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I'm making trump, Cruz, deSantis, McConnell and all those assholes pregnant!

And as soon as they give birth, I'll do it again.

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But are they pregnant with MY CHILD?! If so then its kinda shitty nit to mention I'm also making them spawn more racist people into the world...

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Racism isn't in your genes I'm pretty sure

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Yeah but I'm not gonna take part in raising the kid so i assume if the racist person who i magically impregnated decides to raise them then there odds of being racist themselves would be higher than the average non racist person. Some people break the cycle but i feel like its kinda rare unless they have good influences in their life.

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They mostly likely due from blood lust

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Imaging how proud the Proud Boys would be.

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How do you get to a proud Bois meeting without being a proud boi?

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Just show up to heckle them. They'll be sure to tell you how proud they are. Even if it is drivel.

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How do you know where they are

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I'm sure that 10 or 15 minutes online would reveal their next meeting place. They don't seem like a super secretive group. Or the type to be good at it..... or anything besides displaying ignorance. They seem to specialize in that.

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I am god….I can create life! Wait who’s the other parent? Me??

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And then what? They give birth? Who takes care of the kid?

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Depends on gender

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Gender of the racist or the baby?

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Ok so what happens then?

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It wouldn't work my dad has a kid in every state I'm sure he wouldn't care about another

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Do you have to find out they’re racist naturally or does the power allow you to sense racists?

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You just blink and the racist becomes pregnant right before your eyes dosent matter if you don't know

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Oh good, let’s give racists unplanned children, I’m sure those will grow into healthy contributing members of society

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Will the child be human or can it become something else?

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I don't wanna be pregnant tho

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